Controversial Lidl Incident: Customer’s Outrage Over Flawed Perceptions of Flour Packaging

2023-10-28 17:43:00 It is difficult to precisely date the moment of the scene which took place this week in the Lidl in Genk. The video allows us to understand what happened when a customer arrived in the supermarket to complain. The reason ? The color of a packet of flour. As reported by our colleagues … Read more

Landmark Constitutional Court Ruling Regarding Former Directors of Nethys and Compensation

2023-10-27 14:43:39 A recent ruling by the Constitutional Court regarding another case will likely set a precedent for all the former directors of Nethys, namely Stéphane Moreau, Pol Heyse, Bénédicte Bayer, Jos Donville, Gil Simon, Frédéric Van de Schoor and Daniel Weekers. of videos Revealed Thursday by RTL, this legal thunderclap is the work of … Read more

Protecting Seniors from Online Scams: The Story of François Vissers and How to Stay Safe

2023-08-30 08:15:12 Remember… Last March, we told you about François Vissers, this 89-year-old resident of Turnhout, who thought he was online with his bank ING. When his interlocutor had described the steps to follow, the octogenarian obeyed. Without knowing it, the latter therefore had access to his bank account. of videos The scammer took the … Read more