How much is it trading at and what is its price this January 23, minute by minute

The first thing we have to mention is the severity of the drought and its impact. Perhaps due to a professional bias, engineers cling to numbers and, on this issue that some play by ear or very superficially to make it less important, it must be said that it is the worst drought in 60 … Read more

How much is it trading this Saturday, December 24?

Look at her minute by minute quote for the purchase and sale of the official euro and the blue euro. The euro quote this Saturday December 24 at $182.00 for the purchase and $191.00 for the sale, so it remains stable compared to the last price. Regarding the currency in the parallel market, the euro … Read more

Costa Rica vs. Germany, goals, match summary, Qatar World Cup – Qatar 2022 World Cup

Sealing his second consecutive debacle in a World Cup, Germany defeated this Thursday 4-2 the also eliminated Costa Rica in a dramatic match in which both teams came to have the ticket to the round of 16 in their hands, which ended up escaping them. With a partial 2-1 victory, Costa Rica was virtually classified … Read more

MinHacienda terminates TES primary issuance by 2022 – Financial Sector – Economy

The government announced on Monday that terminated its financing plan through the issuance of TES debt securities of this year, not only because what is collected in this way, about 33.75 billion pesos and through taxes, are enough to meet cash needs. (Also read: Soat: why is it not available as before at points of … Read more