Preventing Railway Crossing Tragedies: The Shocking Incident Caught on Video

2023-12-05 11:03:06 While giving an interview, the Infrabel spokesperson was surprised in the worst possible way. Video captures By LM Published on 05/12/2023 at 11:42 Tragedies involving people crossing railway tracks are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent. As we told you a few days ago, a lady was fatally struck by a train in … Read more

Jayne’s 40-year old wall dispute: Grandad vows to die in prison rather than pay €3,700 fine

2023-11-30 17:21:01 Ron is at his wit’s end. Aged 88, the retired farmer was ordered to pay a fine of more than €3,700 for having demolished part of a wall… which he himself built 40 years ago on his farm. He says he is ready to end his life in prison so as not to … Read more

The Pink Pond in Speelhof: A Mystical Surprise for Walkers

2023-11-28 16:55:05 There are many people walking around the Speelhof area in Sint-Truiden. It must be said that the place boasts of offering “one of the most beautiful walks in the region”. However, last weekend, walkers made a surprising discovery while strolling along the pond. of videos The water there was strangely… very pink. “It … Read more

Ana Stanskovsky’s Viral Face Tattoo Videos: Regret or Joke?

2023-11-15 14:30:00 Several videos of an English influencer with her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead had gone viral on social networks. of videos It was a famous influencer in England named Ana Stanskovsky. After the success of the video where we see her getting a tattoo, another video was just as viewed in which … Read more

Matthew Collins: The Descent into Hell and his Fight for Life Against Glioblastoma

2023-11-13 18:53:00 Matthew Collins, a Welshman from Swansea, experienced what we call a descent into hell in the space of a few months. The man, complaining of severe headaches, went to the emergency room and was prescribed analgesic medication to temporarily relieve his pain. A few days later, the situation did not improve and even … Read more

Political Representative Salaries: A Comprehensive Guide to Earnings of Ministers, Deputies, and Mayors

2023-11-09 21:00:22 Ministers, deputies and mayors: here is how much our political representatives earn How much do our politicians earn? A real headache because it depends on a host of rules and obviously on everyone’s personal (family) and tax situation, but here’s what we can tell you… According to the budgetary documents, the salaries and … Read more

Wayne Rooney Opens Up About His Struggles with Alcohol: A Podcast Series

2023-11-07 12:05:18 Current Birmingham manager Wayne Rooney has opened up about his problems with alcohol when he was a player. “When I was in my twenties, alcohol was a release for me,” the former Manchester United star confided in a podcast launched by Rob Burrow. of videos “I would go home, spend a few days … Read more