The incident with a patient, “huge waits with citizens putting their hands deep in their pockets” – 2024-04-24 16:40:34

Through an announcement by the Association of Hospital Physicians of Achaia, they state the following:

The opening of the afternoon surgeries in our area highlights the government’s cynical confession every day, that patients are asked to overcome the huge waits by putting their hands deep in their pockets for the umpteenth time.

This time it was the turn of a hospitalized patient at the University General Hospital of Patras to be forced into an afternoon surgery due to the lack of an empty operating room in the morning in order to treat the acute problem he was facing, being hospitalized for ten days waiting…

However, after the intervention of a delegation of the Board of Directors of E.I.N.A. in the management of the PGNP, it was required that the incident be treated immediately as an emergency in the morning (free) hours, as it was finally done.

At the same time, and while for the next week two of the eight operating rooms will remain open in order for the staff to receive some of the leaves owed, an afternoon surgery is planned.

Once again the blackmail of the government towards patients is revealed who are called, even for emergencies, to choose the path of the commercialized public or private sector to find a solution to their problems.

We appeal to the colleagues not to participate in the afternoon operation of the surgeries, not to become complicit in the government’s crime. Not to ask the patients for the salary increase they are entitled to, not to ask for the operating room they are entitled to in the afternoons – for a fee.

We call on them to fight together for brave increases in wages, on-call compensation, for massive permanent recruitment of medical and nursing staff, for opening all closed operating rooms.

It is the only way to live in dignity and provide high-quality free medical services. For substantial training for surgical interns, for access to operating theaters for new curators.

We call on patients to fight together so that commercial operation is not legitimized in consciousness, to bravely strengthen the health structures so that they can enjoy high-level free health services.

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