The Saga of the Lost Suitcase: British Airways’ Mishap in Ireland

2023-11-21 18:25:00 While traveling for leisure to a bowling match in Ireland, the airline British Airways lost the suitcase of Maria Vandermaesen, a retiree from Hasselt, in Limburg. This type of case is unfortunately common and often ends well. Indeed, once she returned to Belgium, Maria was contacted by her airline who informed her that … Read more

The Hair Affair: How Surveillance Cameras Exposed a Restaurant Scam

2023-11-14 19:30:00 Times are tough financially and some dishonest people would be ready to use the craziest techniques to avoid paying at the restaurant. This Englishman paid the price by being caught. By Louis Monnier Published on 09/11/2023 at 8:00 p.m. In England they called this story “the hair affair”. Some people use the craziest … Read more

Controversial Lidl Incident: Customer’s Outrage Over Flawed Perceptions of Flour Packaging

2023-10-28 17:43:00 It is difficult to precisely date the moment of the scene which took place this week in the Lidl in Genk. The video allows us to understand what happened when a customer arrived in the supermarket to complain. The reason ? The color of a packet of flour. As reported by our colleagues … Read more

Exposed: The Notorious Lithuanian Restaurant Scammer Who Fakes Heart Attacks to Avoid Paying Bills

2023-10-05 17:40:00 He’s probably the least honest customer in the world. Shamelessly, this 50-year-old Lithuanian faked heart attacks several times in 20 restaurants in Spain. The objective of this maneuver? Avoid putting your hand in your wallet when paying the bill. > Discover our video series on robbed restaurateurs It was on the Costa Blanca, … Read more

Aldi introduces new ‘compact’ stores in Brussels and Antwerp with focus on fresh products

2023-09-30 17:45:44 Last November, Aldi opened its first “compact” store in Ixelles. “The situation in Brussels is not comparable to that of the rest of the country,” Geert de Roy, Senior Manager Expansion at Aldi, told us. Read also Aldi is launching local stores to strengthen its Brussels offering: the first will be inaugurated this … Read more

Emergency Services Respond to Delhaize Parking Lot Incident: Customer Hits Wall and Requires Assistance

2023-09-28 18:10:40 If you were surprised to see the emergency services this Thursday morning, in the parking lot of the Delhaize store on rue de Gozée in Montigny-le-Tilleul, an intervention was underway. Firefighters from the Hainaut-Est emergency zone were called to carry out markings. An ambulance was also dispatched to the scene. A problem actually … Read more

Expired Mooncakes Controversy: Beware of Outdated Products from Guanqi Company

2023-09-28 07:00:39 A man bought expired mooncakes. (Image/Pexels) In addition to eating grapefruit during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people also send mooncakes to each other to congratulate each other. However, a man surnamed Huang in Mainland China recently bought 800 boxes of Xuzhou specialty mooncakes and sent them to customers all over the country. Unexpectedly, … Read more

The Airbnb House with Unconventional Rules: A Peek into ‘The Rules of the Kitchen’

2023-09-20 17:05:00 This Airbnb customer didn’t expect that the house he rented for his vacation would have such a list of allowed and prohibited things… it specifically specified when to use the items and how many glasses he could drink from! The rules were displayed in the accommodation with an evocative title: “The rules of … Read more