Free Education Expansion – Impact on 320,000 Students, School Trips, and Unpaid Bills Management

2023-12-03 05:05:00 3rd primary: “In total, 320,000 students are affected by free education” Are you going to extend free primary education? We are indeed going to extend free access to primary 3 and to maturity 2 in specialized education. The desire is for the school to be accessible to all families. In total, the measure … Read more

The Saga of the Lost Suitcase: British Airways’ Mishap in Ireland

2023-11-21 18:25:00 While traveling for leisure to a bowling match in Ireland, the airline British Airways lost the suitcase of Maria Vandermaesen, a retiree from Hasselt, in Limburg. This type of case is unfortunately common and often ends well. Indeed, once she returned to Belgium, Maria was contacted by her airline who informed her that … Read more

The PTB: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Policies and Stances on Elections, War, and Social Issues

2023-11-12 05:00:00 By V.Li. Published on 11/11/2023 at 7:00 p.m. The elections are on, are you going to poach anyone? “It’s not really our habit. We are an anti-system party. We will have unionists on our lists. For the other parties, it is more normal because they have common ideas. » Are you already in … Read more

Remembering Thomas Monjoie: Honoring a Fallen Police Officer in Brussels-North

2023-11-09 18:30:00 One year ago to the day, Thomas Monjoie, a police officer on patrol and his colleague, were stabbed near rue d’Aerschot in Schaerbeek. Thomas Monjoie did not survive this attack which would later be described as terrorist. His colleague was injured in the arm. This Friday, the Brussels-North police zone (Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode and … Read more

State of Hoops: Tracking the 2023-24 Indiana College Basketball Season

2023-11-05 19:14:39 Welcome to the 2023-24 Indiana college basketball season! This is the debut of State of Hoops, which will track all 11 Division I teams from tipoff to final elimination. We will have weekly rankings and updates from all the programs, including items you may have missed. Here’s what we know heading into this … Read more

Éowyn’s Brave Battle: Supporting a Four-Year-Old’s Journey with Acute Leukemia

2023-10-19 17:35:00 The world of little Éowyn, four years old, and her parents collapsed recently when they received the terrible diagnosis. In the columns of Nieuwsblad, her mother Heavenly, aged 31, explained how she and her husband learned that their daughter was suffering from a serious illness. Éowyn lives with her parents in Zuienkerke, Flanders. … Read more

City Elections 2024: Discover the Latest Barometer and Predictions for Your Municipality

2023-10-11 14:40:27 In one year, on October 14, 2024, you will go to the polls. This will involve electing your provincial representatives. But also and above all those who will run your city or town for the next six years. Which party will you vote for in a year? What confidence do you still have … Read more

The Party’s Health and Well-being Plan: A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Society’s Health and Quality of Life

2023-09-24 04:00:00 “The Party will unveil a Health and Well-being Plan” Are you going to work on the party’s health and well-being plan? “Yes, I will participate, but we are not starting from a blank page. Much has already been written. I am very motivated. » For health ? “I have a real interest in … Read more