“I went there once in my life, when we went to the zoo with the school”

Willy was recently fined for driving his tractor in Antwerp, in the low emission zone. “Antwerp? I went there once in my life, when we went to the zoo with the school”, reacts, perplexed, the octogenarian with our colleagues from HLN. The license plate indicated on the fine is however that of his tractor. The … Read more

he was hurt, “are we supposed to keep our kids at home?” (Photo)

Around 8.20 a.m. this Friday morning, the Ghent police had to intervene on the Antwerpsesteenweg following an accident. A child had been hit by a car at an intersection on his way to school. Injured, the boy had to be taken to hospital. But, according to information from the Nieuwsblad, his life would not be … Read more

Towards a huge change at school? We will certainly no longer say “primary years” or “1st, 2nd and 3rd year secondary”!

A working group set up by the Minister of Education Caroline Désir (PS) is currently considering a new numbering for these years of study. A guidance note on this subject should also soon be submitted to education stakeholders, the minister said on Monday in a parliamentary committee. As part of the Pact for teaching excellence, … Read more

School distraught over Islamic clothing

A high school girl in front of a secondary school in Orléans. Eric MALOT/PHOTOPQR/REPUBLIC OF THE CENTER DECRYPTION – A taboo subject a few months ago, the Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye now recognizes an increase in the wearing of abayas and qamis. «It is true that for a year, the number of reports relating … Read more

a tribute planned for this Tuesday, a support group set up

A vibrant tribute will be paid next Tuesday to K., 22, the student found hanged in the sports hall of the Haute école Condorcet in Mons. It is a real shock for the students of the Hainaut-Condorcet Provincial High School, in Mons. K., 22, a marketing student, died in the Haute École sports hall. Let’s … Read more

A student who died at the Haute École in Mons: “It was too late when I found him”

A young man was found dead on Tuesday in the sports hall of the Hainaut Provincial High School – Condorcet in Mons. A sports teacher found him, hanged. It was already too late… The police confirmed the suicide. The school reacts. ** ***** ***** ** ****** ** *********** * ***** ********* ** ********** ** ***** … Read more