Retired Teacher Faces Unexpected Debt: The Consequences of Helping During a Teacher Shortage

2023-10-20 17:00:00

Edith had been in early retirement for four months, but she already regretted not teaching anymore. When her former school, VTI Sint-Lucas de Menen, had to face a teacher shortage in September 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, the teacher did not hesitate. Enthusiastically, she agreed to help her former employer for a little over four weeks, reports the Newspaper.

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Two years later, she received a letter telling her that she had exceeded the amount authorized for additional income and found herself with a debt of 8,840 euros, although she had only earned 3,500. If she admits to not having been sufficiently informed, she says she is deeply affected. “I was too naive not to find out, but it’s ugly to be punished because I wanted to help in a crisis situation,” she testifies.

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