Violent Fire Destroys “The Truth” Café in Ostend: Shocking Footage Reveals Arson Attack

2023-09-24 13:41:07 This Sunday afternoon, a violent fire ravaged a café on Langestraat in Ostend. According to information from HLN, it is “The Truth” café. The “Hemingway” café was also damaged, but more lightly. Fortunately, the incident did not cause any casualties, but as our colleagues point out, it was an arson. “The images show … Read more

Conner Rousseau: Dismissed Sexual Offense Cases and Ongoing Investigations – Latest Updates and Insights

2023-09-21 18:19:36 At the beginning of September, the complaint for sexual offenses filed by the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office against Rousseau was dismissed. It concerned a young woman in her twenties who was allegedly the victim of sexual offences. Previously, two other cases against the socialist had been dismissed because the investigation had not … Read more

Trial of Julien Broeders: The Search for Truth and Justice in Remicourt

2023-09-18 15:58:24 The interrogation was expected, Broeders always denied it. In the room, Didier Bada’s mother, who is also called Georgette and who is in her eighties, and Didier’s two sons, Loïc and Corentin, as well as their partners. Humble, following the debates… Victims who expect a lot of answers. But Broeders, when he speaks, … Read more

Emergency Center Chaos: Severe Staff Shortage Leaves Calls Unanswered and Lives at Risk

2023-09-12 17:08:48 Total panic at the 112 emergency center. In fact, this Monday, no operator was present. Normally, four people are present in the Flemish Brabant center. However, as our colleagues from Nieuwsblad report, a serious shortage of personnel caused this situation. of videos “But due to a severe staff shortage, only two people were … Read more

Empowering Children in Technical and Technological Professions: A Solution to Wallonia’s Workforce Challenges

2023-08-27 04:00:00 “Dare to put children in a technical and technological sector.” The challenge for Wallonia today is the lack of arms… What can you do? “We have strengthened the Worldskills project because we are convinced that we must honor technical and technological professions. These are important sectors for young enthusiasts. You can thrive there. … Read more

Nightmare: Elderly Woman Facing Forced Eviction Without Housing Solution

2023-08-19 04:40:00 The nightmare began in 2015. Mireille Hanchar was put under “administration of property” by a justice of the peace, on the basis of a report from a psychiatrist, who declared that she had never met the old lady. Conversely, the doctors consulted by Mireille are unanimous: she is not senile, and putting her … Read more