Britain dispatches warships and survey ships to fear attack on submarine facilities near Norway – yqqlm

Original title: Britain sent warships and survey ships to worry about attack on submarine facilities near Norway Frigate HMS Somerset (British Navy) Overseas Network, October 5thAccording to the British “Daily Mail” report on October 5, the United Kingdom is worried about the attack on energy pipelines, drilling platforms and submarine cables near Norway, and has … Read more

Angle: Europe moves to conserve energy equipment Destruction of Nord Stream | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – European nations are stepping up alarm over a leak in the Nord Stream pipeline, which sends gas from Russia to Europe, as sabotage, to ensure the security of other energy supply systems In order to do so, they embarked on measures such as sending the military. Regarding the gas leak in the … Read more

Iran summons the ambassadors of Britain and Norway over “hosting opposition media” and “unconstructive” statements

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Sunday, that it had summoned the British ambassador to Tehran, according to a statement broadcast by the ministry on its Instagram account. The ministry confirmed that it had summoned the ambassador to hand him a complaint about “hosting opposition media outlets … Read more

Russia’s partial mobilization order surges, Finland considers immigration ban | Reuters

The departure of men who may be called up has increased after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a partial mobilization order to continue fighting in Ukraine on Friday. Finland announced on Thursday that it was considering banning most Russians from entering the country. Picture taken in Finland in 2022. REUTERS/Essi Lehto [バーリマー(フィンランド)/トビリシ(ジョージア) 22日 ロイター] – … Read more

Vitamin D… will not protect you from corona virus or respiratory infections

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Vitamin D supplements cannot reduce the incidence of “Covid-19” infection, or respiratory infections such as the common cold or flu, even if your current vitamin levels are low, according to two clinical trials. two big Two new. One of the two studies, conducted in the United Kingdom during the … Read more