how to get citizenship without speaking english

The criteria for obtaining an exception to that requirement or requesting an abbreviated exam. To obtain the US citizenshipone of the requirements is to speak English. However, there are alternatives to achieve that status without meeting the basic knowledge of the native language. As a note on the website of the specialized study Lopez Immigration … Read more

The supervisor shocked me and I will never forget it • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Citizen Naglaa Al-Basri revealed the details of her dismissal from her job due to her epilepsy, noting that once the supervisor learned of her illness, she dismissed her. She said during an interview with the Saudi channel: “I used to suffer from epilepsy before the operation, and I was an employee and met … Read more

A security statement reveals the details of the arrest of a female citizen and a citizen who committed a major crime in Asir, and their referral to the Public Prosecution

Al-Marsad Newspaper – SPA: The Special Tasks and Duties Force in the Asir region arrested a citizen for transferring two violations of the border security system of Somali nationality, and a citizen for housing him in an apartment rented by him (10) violations of the border security system of the same nationality, and they were … Read more

Watch.. a female citizen tells the story of her son’s cancer at the age of 5.. and reveals a simple symptom that appeared on him

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nesma Al-Mulla, who is interested in children’s cancer health awareness, told the story of her son Fares’ cancer at the age of 5, noting that he recovered after 3 years of treatment. Show basic And she said, during her meeting with the “My Lady” program broadcast on “Rotana Khalijia” that “the story of … Read more

How the hospital bargained with her • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A female citizen recounted the details of her exposure to a medical error, while undergoing liposuction, which resulted in her suffering a permanent disability. proces Suction And she said, during her intervention with the “Yahla” program: “I went to a private hospital to perform a suction operation, for the abdomen and back, in … Read more

German passport instead of deportation: What is behind the rapid naturalization politics

The federal government wants to enable naturalization after five years – or even after three years, in the case of “special integration achievements”. Foreigners can currently apply for German citizenship after eight years of residence in the country. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) said: “Women and men who immigrated to Germany have contributed a lot to … Read more