Getting Norwegian citizenship just got easier – Life & Style

Norway has announced on April 18 that it will end the financial support requirement for permanent residence permits, allowing people to live and settle there more easily. The Norwegian government has waived the previously mandated conditions of financial independence for applicants within the past 12 months. Under previous regulations, individuals between the ages of 18 … Read more

Ukraine will decide what to do with the richest citizen of Latvia

Last year, the Seimas adopted amendments to the citizenship law, providing for the possibility of depriving Latvian citizenship of persons who provide significant support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. BZS expects that Ukraine will be able to provide Latvia with information about whether Aven actively supported the war. As Zviedris explained, Ukraine is currently investigating … Read more

Criminals in Latvia will be given the right to change their first and last name

The Ministry of Justice has submitted to the government amendments to the law “On changing the name, surname and record of citizenship”, proposing to establish that persons convicted of a criminal offense, whose conviction has not been expunged or expunged, also have the right to change their name and surname as established by law ok. … Read more

Living with Lupus: Sarah Bukhamseen’s Personal Journey

2023-11-19 19:50:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Sarah Bukhamseen narrated her experience with lupus. She said during her intervention with the Saudi channel: “In 1994, she was infected with immunodeficiency or a defect in the immune system, and she continued to suffer from the disease for 3 years, and had her spleen removed.” She continued, “After a … Read more

The Dangers of Gastric Balloon: An Inside Look at the Physical and Health Damage Revealed by a Citizen

2023-10-20 12:26:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A female citizen revealed the physical and health damage she suffered due to the installation of a gastric balloon. The citizen said in a video clip: “I asked the doctor to install a gastric balloon as I weigh 70 kilograms, and the cost of each one is 17 thousand riyals, including … Read more

Irish Citizenship Ceremony: 14% of Indian Applicants Granted Citizenship

2023-10-03 11:10:38 Dublin – 14% of Irish citizenships are Indians. Three thousand immigrants were granted citizenship yesterday at a ceremony held at The Convention Center in Spencerdock, Dublin. A total of 3,039 applicants from 131 countries around the world were granted citizenship in three separate ceremonies. Irish citizenship ceremony held in Ireland last day. Image … Read more

Top European Countries Offering Golden Passport Citizenship Programs

2023-10-02 04:27:00 It is true that many countries have very strict rules regarding the naturalization of foreign citizens, so it can be a difficult and long process to achieve. (Join our WhatsApp channel here and receive all the economic information from Colombia and the world). However, there is a group of nations that have the … Read more

Personal Account of Harassment in a Vienna Hotel: A Saudi Woman’s Story

2023-09-16 10:27:52 Al-Marsad newspaper: A woman revealed details of her exposure to harassment inside a hotel in Vienna, which forced her to change the hotel the next day. The girl said: When I first came from Saudi Arabia, I entered my room on the 16th floor, and after I entered, there was a loud knock … Read more