Boric at Celac: “Chile is not in a position to continue receiving uncontrolled waves of migration” | National

Gabriel Boric assured that Chile is not in a position to receive waves of migration without any type of control. After the Celac summit, the head of state requested cooperation from the other countries of the continent to “protect the well-being of the population and the right to safe migration.” In addition, he once again … Read more

36,000 Colombians requested asylum in Spain; figure only surpassed by Venezuelans

Of the 118,842 applications submitted, 45,748 were from Venezuelans, 36,012 of Colombians and 8,937 Peruvians, followed by 3,905 Moroccans and 3,017 Hondurans, according to data from the Asylum and Refuge Office. (See also: Colombiana appears dead in Spain in lurid circumstances; ex-boyfriend confessed crime) This unit of the Ministry of the Interior of spain resolved … Read more

EU: Sweden of all places is slowing down Europe’s common migration policy

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Relief for Colombian migrants in the United States, Petro Government proposal

The migratory situation of thousands of Colombians in the United States is one of the points that the National governmentthrough the ambassador, Luis Gilberto Murillo. (See also: Latam plane had an emergency in El Dorado: its tires burst in full braking) In conversation with El Tiempo, The diplomat assured that the dialogues with the North … Read more

Daniel Stelter: “The world is watching with amusement as we hit the wall”

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US Supreme Court maintains measure that allows blocking migrants at the border

The United States Supreme Court blocked this Monday the imminent lifting of a health regulation invoked to expel migrants at the border with Mexico. The president of the court, John Roberts, signed an order that suspends the uprising, scheduled for this Wednesday, and therefore maintains the call Title 42which allowed the authorities use anti-covid-19 protocols … Read more