What are the most important questions in a job interview?

The first impression “is never forgotten” and is crucial when it comes to a interview of job; where recruiters wait answers more assertive and concrete when talking about yourself, your experience professional and the reasons that make you the best candidate. The search site Indeed employment explained that “breaking the ice” during a job interview … Read more

Kirsis suggests finding another place for Lucavsala gardeners

He said the football stadium itself is not planned to be built on the site where the vegetable gardens are currently located, but the development of connecting infrastructure could impact market gardeners. At the same time, the mayor of Riga emphasized that this is by no means news, since the development of Lucavsala and the … Read more

BB.lv: Ukraine needs Western weapons for survival

Ukraine does not receive from Western partners the weapons necessary for its survival, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Tuesday, April 9, in Kharkov, where he gave an interview to the German tabloid Bild, as well as other publications of the Axel Springer concern. According to Zelensky, “our partners have certain weapons that we need … Read more

They want to turn the corner house into a hotel. This will save people from the “victim position”

At the same time, he noted that the Corner House was beneficial for filmmakers, since it was possible to film the most complex scenes associated with the Soviet period or the period of Soviet occupation in Latvia, the imprisonment of dissidents or the moment of occupation, as well as individual scenes of the war period. … Read more

Ukraine is approaching a critical moment on the front line

Published on Friday morning, excerpts from an interview with the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Andrei Yermak, who is considered one of Ukraine’s most influential political heavyweights after the resignation of several prominent military leaders and officials, are devoted to two issues – the delay in approval by the US Congress of a $60 … Read more

BB.lv: There will be no Western troops in Ukraine

Among other questions, he was asked whether NATO would intervene if the war spreads to the territory of alliance member countries such as Poland or the Baltic states. Cameron assured that NATO would certainly intervene in these circumstances, in accordance with the collective defense commitment enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. However, … Read more

Dani Benítez: “It bothers me that they call me ‘Dani Beefeater’; what I drank was vodka, not gin”

For a time he was one of the most talented wingers in Spanish football. He played 48 games in the first division, scored 20 goals in 127 games with Granada and became international in lower categories. Dani Benítez’s life has changed a lot, especially after testing positive for cocaine in 2014.which forced him to stay … Read more

In Latvia, food producers and traders do not have equal market power

She noted that food producers in Latvia are in an unequal situation when dealing with traders, and this is a problem not only in Latvia. “The manufacturer is always not an equal in negotiations with the merchant, because there are many manufacturers and if the merchant does not like someone or can find better delivery … Read more