A YouTuber who suffers from an identity disorder wants to seek medical assistance in dying

A French YouTuber with a psychiatric disorder has been causing a stir since she announced her intention to provide medical assistance in dying in Belgium. “My life is not a Netflix series, we can’t debate the end,” said Olympe, in tears, in a video posted on her Instagram account on January 11. In the video, … Read more

Fake use of Internet star: Stalker now knows where “Montana Black” really lives | Regional

Almost 30,000 people are live on the “Twitch” streaming platform when the Internet star “Montana Black” (34, real name Marcel Eris) gets up from his office chair next to a blue shimmering aquarium and out of the picture on Wednesday evening disappears. The reason: a fire brigade suddenly rings at his front door in the … Read more

Watch.. “Youtuber” girl surprises her followers and takes off the niqab.. and reveals the reason • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the appearance of YouTuber Suha Al-Karizma for the first time without the niqab. And she said during the video: “My real name is Ashwaq. The first thing I decided was that I appeared in the social media.” And she continued: “I myself had settled it for a long time, … Read more

Voyeur of family, SNS release without permission Popular YouTuber complains about damage “I’m crossing the line” “I can’t forgive you”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On December 10, 2022, YouTuber “Brain Muscle Rider”, who has about 270,000 subscribers, revealed that he had suffered voyeurism in a video published on his YouTube channel. From the YouTube channel “No King Rider” Stolen photo. From the YouTube channel “No King Rider” “If you have another chance, please talk to me.” Brain Muscle Rider … Read more

2.45 million YouTuber’s sister is “too beautiful” 150,000 likes “best cute” “No.1 beautiful sister”: J-CAST News[full text display]

Runa of the popular YouTuber group “Banbanzai” with 2.45 million subscribers updated Twitter on December 11, 2022. She has released a purikura photo taken with her sister and is gathering her response. “Banbanzai” Ryuna-san.From Instagram (mm_runa) “Banbanzai” from Ryuna’s Instagram (mm_runa) “They look alike and are too cute” Ryuna, who has announced that he has … Read more

The Idiot Princess Café was officially in operation for 10 days, the landlord broke into the kitchen and told “no more renting”… the staff was stunned | Entertainment | CTWANT

The well-known YouTuber Idiot Princess (Dai Pingya) revealed a few days ago that the newly opened coffee shop was officially opened, but an unexpected episode happened unexpectedly. (Picture / Reposted from Facebook / Idiot Princess) The well-known YouTuber Idiot Princess (Dai Pingya) announced a new project a few days ago, revealing that she will open … Read more