Announcement to elect 16-year-old children as imams in the Arab country – World

In the United Arab Emirates, where important steps are taken regarding world education, there has also been news about religious education. An interesting step has been taken by the institution of Dubai regarding the children who are interested in becoming imams in Dubai. Last month, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prince … Read more

The woman’s heart actually broke after hearing the news – Life & Style

Can despair and depression really break a person’s heart? In general, it is very common to hear about a broken heart, but the case of a similar patient has come to Emirati doctors. In which the woman’s heart is really broken. The woman could not bear the suffering of her daughter and went into depression. … Read more

T20 World Cup officials announced, how many Pakistani umpires included – Sports

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the officials of the T20 World Cup, which includes 3 umpires from Pakistan. The ICC has announced the panel of 20 umpires and 6 referees for the opening round of the T20 World Cup starting June 1 in the USA and West Indies. Officials include 3 umpires of … Read more

Floods in Dubai the result of tampering with nature for artificial rains? – World

Heavy rains wreaked havoc in many cities of the United Arab Emirates yesterday, during more than 6 hours of rain, roads, malls and other public places including the International Airport were affected by rainwater. However, foreign media have now reported that the rain in the UAE was the result of artificial rainfall attempts. The Government … Read more

Now everyone has to pay tax in Pakistan, no amnesty scheme will come, Finance Minister – Business & Economy

Now everyone has to pay tax in Pakistan, there will be no amnesty scheme, Finance Minister made it clear. Now there will be no amnesty scheme, people will have to pay taxes, we are doing international payments successfully. Talks are going on with Turkey and Europe for the privatization of Islamabad Airport. The Federal Finance … Read more

Dubai, suspicions about “cloud-seeding” after the flood. Controversy over the incredible rains –

An unprecedented wave of rain has transformed the streets of Dubai into urban rivers in recent days, causing a crisis never seen before in the desert nation, known for its arid and dry climate. But now there are those who are suspicious about the possible cause of the devastating floods: cloud-seeding, a meteorological technology that … Read more

Flooded Dubai: Rivers on the roads, chaos at the airport – 2024-04-19 09:19:34

Torrential rains and heavy storms caused “revelatory” scenes in the Dubai. Shocking video showed the runway at Dubai International Airport – recently crowned the world’s second busiest airport – covered in water and the huge aircrafts have become…submarines. At Dubai International Airport, hundreds of travelers are crowding to leave their holiday destination as quickly as … Read more

Mehwish Hayat will also be seen in a Hindi song, actress announces – Life & Style

Whenever Pakistani actors appear with or work with famous Indian celebrities, they attract a lot of attention from both Pakistan and India, such is the case of Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat. Well-known Pakistani film actress Mehwish Hayat, who has appeared in Pakistani films, will now be seen working with an Indian singer. Mehwish Hayat is … Read more