UAE Ambassador Appointed: News Summary and Updates – Subscribe to Notifications

2023-09-28 02:30:29 Subscribe to Notifications Subscribe to Notifications Doha: U appointed to Qatar after four-year hiatus HE Ambassador Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nah Diplomatic representatives including Mr. Bought by Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Althani. Policy to end the long-term hiatus after the Gulf embargo After restoring ties, Qatar and UAE Ambassadors … Read more

UAE’s Successful Space Mission declared ready for New Missions – Sheikh Hamdan

2023-09-27 03:16:17 Subscribe to Notifications Subscribe to Notifications Dubai: Successfully completes six-month long space mission Declared ready for new space missions after launch Sheikh, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council Hamdan. Astronaut Sultan at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center Al Niadi and Saeed held a meeting with the Ambition 2 team. He … Read more

Operation Storm: Dubai Police Busts Massive Drug Smuggling Ring, Seizing 86 Million Captagon Pills

2023-09-26 15:44:12 Dubai | Police have revealed details of an operation that foiled an international criminal gang’s attempt to smuggle millions of banned Captagon pills into the UAE using manufacturing skills. Police seized 86 million drug pills weighing 13.76 tonnes hidden in 651 doors and 432 decorative panels through Operation Storm. In a documentary released … Read more

The Inspirational Journey of Rahima: Overcoming Trials and Finding Inner Strength

2023-09-24 06:28:52 Warriors whose destiny is determined by a series of trials It is abundant around us. But he reiterated that he was not one to leave him quietly. The female fighters who are alive are only short. The life of Malappuram swadeshini Rahima unfolds before us. These are powerful lessons of will power. Trial … Read more

Discover New Opportunities in Education and Career at Gulf Madhyam Educafe 2022 in Dubai

2023-09-22 08:48:48 Dubai: The ninth season of ‘Gulf Madhyam Educafe’, the largest Indian education and career fair in the Gulf region, will be held in November. The new season is being staged on November 8 and 9 at Dubai Muhaisina Etisalat Academy. The fair, which will be attended by 5,000 students and parents in the … Read more