The wife who tried to kill by mixing bleach in tea was caught by her husband – World

The relationship between husband and wife is a bond of trust but the American man’s wife has tried to take advantage of this relationship, for which she has now gone behind the bars. What happened was that the American woman Melody Felicano Johnson was accused of killing her husband by poisoning her tea, while according … Read more

Thessaloniki: The trial of the 49 arrested from the AUTH was postponed – They were released – 2024-03-18 19:10:49

The arrested of the AUTH were released, with the trial postponed until March 29 in Thessaloniki. After the criminal prosecution against them for serious disruption of the smooth functioning of a legal entity under public law (HEI) and reluctance (48 of the 49 refused to submit to a dactyloscopic examination), the defendants were referred to … Read more

The CTRI questioned on the harmonious development of entrepreneurship in Gabon –

The consortium of entrepreneurs and workers of Gabon (CETG) in a statement called on the CTRI to better take into account local SMEs and SMIs and promote the country’s economy. “The use of foreign companies will generate a high cost, and we local companies want to provide our expertise at a lower cost. This will … Read more

Russian-Belarusian Rock Band Returns to Stage After Being Detained in Thailand – 2024-03-18 13:35:56

Bi-2, the Russian-Belarusian rock band opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is back on stage after being detained in Thailand in January.(Bi-2) A Russian-Belarusian rock band that opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine returned to the stage this week, showing resilience after being detained in Thailand in January and threatened with deportation to Russia. Bi-2, a band … Read more

Three people arrested who visited the home of Kenyan athlete Kiptum before his death | Sports

Three men have been arrested in Kenya in connection with the death of athlete Kelvin Kiptum, who died this Sunday in a car accident. The Kenyan police confirmed to local media this Wednesday the arrest in the town of Kaptagat, in Elgeyo Marakwet county, where the world marathon record holder was born, and the transfer … Read more

Sexual Assault on Porlamar Beach: Aggressor Apprehended – Latest News

2023-12-18 02:08:02 The woman went out to see a beach in Porlamar when she was surprised by a subject. A 55-year-old man was detained for being accused of sexually abusing a 53-year-old Russian citizen. According to the Public Ministry it occurred on Caracola beach; located in Porlamar. During the investigation, they determined that the victim … Read more

Albanian Drug Trafficking Arrest: Shocking News and Updates

2023-11-27 11:51:37 This Sunday, three people of Albanian origin were arrested in connection with drug trafficking. Around 3:30 p.m., a rental Mercedes, registered in Luxembourg, overtook an unmarked police car for the first time, on the E411 towards Luxembourg. The driver passes the vehicle several times, prompting the police to intervene. The car was intercepted … Read more

Iván Estrada, PAN Mayor Arrested for Abusive Exercise of Public Office in Mexico City – Updated News 2023

2023-11-11 19:41:15 02 MIN 30 SEG Iris Velazquez Mexico City (November 11, 2023) .-1:34 p.m. Iván Estrada, PAN Mayor of Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, was arrested for the crime of abusive exercise of public office. Credit: Special This Saturday morning, Iván Estrada was arrested. PAN mayor from Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, for the crime of … Read more