Revolutionary One-Staple Device: The Future of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

2023-09-28 20:48:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: Obesity surgery consultant Dr. Nayef Al-Anazi said that there is a new device with one staple, which is considered a major medical breakthrough. Al-Enezi said during the Al-Rased program: It is common in gastric sleeve operations to use about 4 or 5 staples during one operation, sometimes more or less depending … Read more

Demi Moore is getting more radiant at the age of 60…a look with an open jacket at the ‘Versace’ show (photos and video)

2023-09-24 05:18:00 Demi Moore caught attention as she arrived at the Versace Fashion Week show in Milan with her Chihuahua. The 60-year-old actress stole the show when she took her place in the star-studded front row with her little dog Pilaf sitting under her arm. Demi appeared without a bra, wearing a dark blue satin … Read more

Toys, Books, and More: Your Ultimate Resource for Family-Friendly Products at Médiacité

2023-09-18 18:00:00 ************** ***** *** *** ************ ** ******* *********** **** ** *********** *** *** ***** ** ****** ********** ********** ******* ************ ******** ******** *************** *********** ***** ********* **** ******** ** ** ********* **** ** ** ***** *** *** ************ ********* ************ ******* *********** ** ******** ********** ****** **** ***** ** ******** ** ******* ******* … Read more

Want to go behind the scenes of the region’s businesses? Here are all the places open in Mons-Borinage for the Business Discovery Day

2023-09-16 14:34:00 Discover behind the scenes of a company, visit inaccessible places, understand how they work, know their history, even apply for a job… All these things are possible thanks to the Business Discovery Day. This year, the event, organized by Sudinfo, is scheduled for Sunday October 1st. All visits are accessible to families. See … Read more

Child in Pain: Urgent Hospital Visit Turns into Nightmare

2023-09-11 03:55:00 During the night from Thursday to Friday, Cindy and her companion were very worried to see their little Hugo (two and a half years old) writhing in pain. “He kept saying ‘mama bobo,’ and we didn’t know what to do,” Cindy explains. ** ****** ******* ***** ******* **** ** ****** ******** ** ***** … Read more

Steccy’s Car Fire in Charleroi: Investigation Launched, Suspected Arson by a Close Acquaintance

2023-09-10 17:39:31 The awakening was brutal for Steccy and her companion Pedro on the night of Tuesday September 5 to Wednesday September 6, rue Dourlet in Charleroi. Steccy was sleeping. Around 4 a.m., she was suddenly awakened from her sleep by fire sirens. With her companion, she notices that her car is on fire. “I … Read more