Lidl Greece makes the tomorrow we imagine come true – 2024-03-09 12:22:30

Lidl Greece imagines a better tomorrow for society, the environment and people. But he doesn’t stay there. Through multifaceted actions, he makes sure to find ways to make this better tomorrow a reality, today.We all imagine a tomorrow with more green and less plastic. But also with smiles that never fade and children who remain … Read more

First contact with Apple glasses: the Vision Pro come face to face with reality | Technology

In Apple stores in the Washington area these days they refer to the appointment to try out their Vision Pro glasses, recently put on sale in the United States, as “the invitation to a guided trip to an amazing place.” Destiny, they warn, “has nothing to do” with the metaverse or virtual reality. This is … Read more

A breast cancer test with saliva: when the news is far from reality | Health & Wellness

News about a new treatment that will cure the most aggressive subtype of cancer or a new technique to diagnose cancer early through a simple and harmless test happen periodically, creating a great media stir and enormous expectation in society. There is no doubt that, as a society, we crave positive news about progress against … Read more

Tchouameni, Ancelotti’s last seducer: extra hours with Davide and virtual reality | Soccer | Sports

PreviousDirect Carlo Ancelotti confided his pre-match speech to Aurélien Tchouameni for the first time on January 10 in Riyadh. Minutes before the semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup against Atlético de Madrid, the Frenchman grabbed a plastic bottle with an orange liquid and addressed his teammates in Spanish in the locker room of the Al … Read more

José Luis Sastre: “Journalism needs to ask itself if we have sensors well connected to reality” | Television

When he was born in November Sastre and Maldonadohe videopodcast of the journalist José Luis Sastre and the comedian Miguel Maldonado, he did it with the challenge of differentiating himself from the other thousands of podcasts which, like yours, are two gentlemen talking. Just over 10 broadcasts later, it has already exceeded one million views … Read more

Australian Open 2024: Sinner against Alcaraz: welcome to a new reality | Tennis | Sports

Jannik Sinner, the young and tall Italian player, scored his first major milestone in his record on Sunday by becoming champion of the Australian Open. After a great match, as expected, he managed to defeat the Russian Daniil Medvedev. The Moscow player once again suffered a very painful defeat in a Grand Slam final. It … Read more

The Truth About Cony Capelli and Pincoya: Big Brother Chile Winner Speaks Out

2023-12-21 01:44:44 The winner of Big Brother Chile confessed that she was upset by some comments she saw from Pincoya after leaving confinement. The reality show ended, but there are still some impressions of what happened in the confinement from the last participants who left the house, who were also the public’s favorites, it is … Read more

They claim that Juliana “Furia” receives information from outside the Big Brother House: the proof

2023-12-19 18:45:25 Juliana “Furia” Scaglione has been the protagonist of this new edition of Big Brothersince since Upon his entry there is no shortage of scandals in the House and with the “little brothers”which were part of a strong fight between her and Sabrina Cortez, leader of the week. Now it happens that Big Brother … Read more