They doubled after the pension reduce was lifted – 2024-05-16 00:35:20

The constructive response of working pensioners to the EFKA platform for declaring their employment is certainly spectacular. In accordance with the most recent knowledge, registrations have already crossed 78,000, recording an growing pattern day-after-day. The abolition of the withholding of half thereof pension and its alternative with a levy on revenue from work had, in … Read more

How the 15% bonus will be given to the most efficient employees – 2024-05-02 18:33:12

Yesterday (29.4.2024) the cabinet gave the green light to the general framework for the implementation of the new productivity bonus system throughout the State. The productivity bonus in the public sector will be inextricably linked to the target setting and evaluation system for civil servants, according to the plan of the Minister of the Interior, … Read more Germany has a record number of workers

There are currently more than 46 million employed citizens in Germany, which is more than ever before, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the occasion of International Labor Day. Last year, employees in Germany worked a record number of hours in total, he emphasized in a video message released on Wednesday, May 1. At the … Read more

German building materials are fleeing the Russian Federation in all directions (VIDEO)

Construction materials manufacturer Knauf ceases operations in the Russian Federation. The company did not name the reasons for leaving the Russian market, indicating only that this was happening against the backdrop of “current events.” The company said in a statement that it had decided to transfer the entire business, including raw material extraction, production and … Read more When you live in Latvia and have no money: features of national bankruptcy

“Professional and innovative supervisory institution” Administrators operate in the Republic of Latvia under the wing of the Ministry of Justice. Last year, they handled 2,326 insolvency processes, of which 242 were declared against legal entities and 737 against individuals. Unfortunately, in 59% it was necessary to draw up a message about the absence of the … Read more

Tesla began closing departments due to financial problems

The reason for the decision was unsatisfactory financial performance. In 2023, price wars led to revenue problems. Despite delivering a record 1.81 million electric vehicles, the manufacturer’s profits have only declined. Before this, Tesla management assured in an internal mailing that it would fire only ten percent of employees, and they would try to retain … Read more

Tax declarations: How salaried and professionals will be taxed this year – 2024-04-14 19:18:06

The last ten days of April will open the curtain on this year’s tax returnswith the AADE “running” the procedures for the new tax forms and the issuance of the decisions that will clarify the new landscape, while in the Parliament there is the provision that provides for the automatic submission of tax returns for … Read more