The films of the 3rd Aegion International Short Film Festival “Theodoros Angelopoulos” – 2024-04-14 10:26:37

The 3rd Aegean International Short Film Festival “Theodoros Angelopoulos” with the theme “The Female Gaze”, organized by the municipality of Aegialia, is coming from June 24 to 30, 2024 at the wonderful Garden of the Polycentric Conference Center of Aegion! For 7 days, Aegio becomes the center of interest for cinema lovers with short film … Read more

The Poetry Festival in London! – 2024-04-11 12:15:18

At the national pavilion of our country at the London International Book Fair, the Patras International Poetry Festival was recently represented and now it is also planning the International Summer Academy of Speech. Patras with the PWPF (Patras World Poetry Festival) creates it cultural extroversion required as well as recognized cultural institution both nationally and … Read more

The 2nd Fairy Tale Festival in Aigios was a success – 2024-04-11 07:31:44

The 2nd storytelling festival organized by IDYFONO publications with the support of the Vice-Mayor of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Aegialia concluded with great success. For two days, April 6th and 7th, the Panagiotopoulos Mansion was filled with storytellers and fairy tale heroes, with children and parents who came to listen to fairy … Read more

2nd children’s story telling festival “Once upon a time…” at the Panagiotopoulos Mansion – 2024-04-04 07:14:47

The fairy tale festival that started successfully last year on the occasion of World Children’s Book Day on April 2 continues again this year. Idyphono Publications with the support of the Vice-Mayor of Culture and Sports of the Municipality of Aegialia organizes the 2nd story telling festival in Aegio entitled “Once upon a time…”. The … Read more

Athens and Epidaurus Festival: 93 productions are coming 2024-04-04 02:23:35

“Our performances this year have a political orientation, in the sense that they focus on the challenges of coexistence in modern societies: the demand for Democracy, justice and inclusion, as well as the imperative need for civic participation. This thread runs through our programming from “Piraeus 260” to Herodeion and the ancient theaters of Epidaurus. … Read more

I have an idea that would be imitated all over the world

Pumped Gabo was taking his car to a mechanic when he ranted to his Instagram followers. The weight tax is increasing, the insurance is increasing, you are paying more and more for everything, and I have been going into the same potholes for years. We pay a lot of taxes and get nothing – complained … Read more

4 Years Absent, LaLaLa Now Moves to Jakarta – 2024-03-16 02:14:10

LaLaLa Festival (Doc. AFTER a four year hiatus, LaLaLa is ready to rock Jakarta by presenting performances by well-known international and domestic musicians. This music festival will take place on 23–25 August 2024 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta. LaLaLa chose Jakarta as its stage to shine this time, utilizing the wider … Read more

A Father at the Thessaloniki Festival – Director Dimitris Mouzakitis talks to “P” – 2024-03-13 19:15:14

With his film “01”, the fatherly director Dimitris Mouzakitis participates today in the 26th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, presenting a subversive tribute to our great poet, Nano Valaoritis. The film, which began filming in 2014watches him late poet and his partner, painter Marie Wilsonduring the last years of their lives, when they lived together in an … Read more