The male star caught his sister eating hot pot and was photographed… “Going home for the night” screen exposure and I reveal the truth: Come together next time|Entertainment|CTWANT

The 24-year-old mainland male star Yao Chen was once a trainee under South Korea’s JYP Entertainment. After returning to China, he participated in a talent show and successfully debuted as a boy group R1SE. Go home and spend the night. In this regard, Yao Chen responded generously, emphasizing that the woman is his cousin, and … Read more

[기획] ‘Girl of the 20th Century’ ② Kim Yoo-jung, “Glitter in school uniform again”

Scenario that caught my eye at first sight . When asked about the decisive reason for her decision to appear in her role, Kim Yoo-jung smiled brightly and said, “Actually, I want to wear a school uniform” and opened her first words. “She thought of her friends from school days a lot,” she said. Even … Read more

TIME magazine named the EU as the “world’s rising star” of 2022.

Lee Yoo-mi from “Squid Game” and “All Of Us Are Dead” is the only Korean actress to be included in TIME magazine’s 2022 “Next Generation Leaders” 100 list! After Jung Ho Yeon was named as the latest 2022 TIME 100 Next on October 13 (according to Korea), TIME magazine announced Lee Yu Mi as one … Read more

Who is Jossie Lindley, the wife of the great Carlos Alcántara | Machin | Asu Mare 3 | Pataclaun | SHOWS

just rolled the latest installment of the “Asu Mare” saga, the film that broke records at the national box office and whose initial purpose was to tell the story of Carlos Alcántara on his way to becoming the celebrity he is now. However, in a large part of said first film, “Cachín” narrates how he … Read more

‘Miwoo Bird’ Jang Seong-gyu “Son Seok-hee is a junior at a broadcasting station… Don’t talk about yourself in the broadcast”

Jang Seong-gyu shared an anecdote with former JTBC president Son Seok-hee. In the SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast on the 9th, broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu appeared as a special MC. On this day, MC Seo Jang-hoon surprised everyone by saying, “Jang Seong-gyu said that he once said that former JTBC CEO Son Seok-hee was a … Read more

Actor Vijayan Karanthur needs a hand Actor Vijayan Karanthur needs a hand

Kundamangalam: Actor Vijayan Karanthur, who played small and right characters in many films and made his own mark in the theater and serial fields, is undergoing treatment for serious liver disease. The disease, which has been going on for five years, has been at its peak for the last three months. Liver transplant is the … Read more