The great triumph of Pamela Leiva at the Viña Festival: relive her routine here | Vineyard

Monday, February 20, 2023 | 4:50 p.m. by Bernadette Villa Pamela Leiva she became one of the great stars of the opening day of the Viña del Mar Festival. And it is that the comedian made the audience and viewers laugh with her routine. The former reality girl focused her show on her past experiences, … Read more

Interview: From Individual Investor to Fund Management, Former Entertainer Toshiya Imura | Reuters

[TOKYO (Reuters)]- Former comedian Toshiya Imura (38), who is attracting attention as the stock prices of stocks held by Mitsui Matsushima HD, Toyama Daiichi Bank, Sumishi HD, etc. Moved the axis of activities from home to fund management. In an interview with Reuters, Imura said that he will not expand his holdings as an individual … Read more

Who is Jossie Lindley, the wife of the great Carlos Alcántara | Machin | Asu Mare 3 | Pataclaun | SHOWS

just rolled the latest installment of the “Asu Mare” saga, the film that broke records at the national box office and whose initial purpose was to tell the story of Carlos Alcántara on his way to becoming the celebrity he is now. However, in a large part of said first film, “Cachín” narrates how he … Read more

Alejandra Azcárate told if she had to let people talk about scandal

Alejandra Azcárate suffered for more than a year in silence due to the accusations that fell on her partner, Miguel Jaramillo, who was involved in the case of a small plane with cocaine that was transported to San Andrés and in which he allegedly appeared as a representative. The shipment had more than 446 kilos … Read more

Lucumi, from Happy Saturdays, was kidnapped by the guerrilla in Suárez, Cauca

The iconic character of ‘Lucumí’, from ‘Happy Saturdays’, is one of the comedians who has taken center stage in recent years in the program; however, to get there As far as he is, he had to cross many barriers to achieve success. Even risking his own life. This is how he told it on the … Read more