Patras: The leading stand up comedian of Cyprus Louis Patsalidis at the theater act – 2024-03-08 09:51:28

The top Stand up comedian of Cyprus on an enjoyable Greek tour! The most popular stand up comedian in Cyprus and presenter of ALPHA Cyprus’ first television program, “Louis Night Show” is determinedto upset Greece once again with his excessive spontaneity and XXXL humor. And Patras will be upset on Friday, March 8 at the … Read more

Taylor Tomlinson, the religious comedian who has stayed with James Corden’s ‘late night’ | Television

Since this week, the United States has a woman among the small group of drivers of the late night. At only 30 years old, Taylor Tomlinson has occupied the space left by the British James Corden on CBS since Tuesday and joins the television genre represented by comedians Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. … Read more

Ernesto Belloni’s Mea Culpa: Reflections on Sexist Humor and Social Change

2023-12-15 14:32:19 Ernesto Belloni, the national comedian who was widely known thanks to his character ‘Che Copete’, made a mea culpa in dialogue with The fourth Regarding the humor of his role, classified as sexist for the new generations. In the conversation with the media, the comedian reflected on his 38-year career, where, for the … Read more

Comedian Lee Soo-ji, a unique story…a good deed for a child with a brain tumor → adoption of an abandoned dog [종합]

2023-12-12 02:30:18 [TV리포트=김현서 기자] Comedian Lee Soo-ji’s beautiful stories are in the spotlight. Recently, attention was drawn again online to Lee Su-ji’s visit to the hospital for a brain tumor patient. In this regard, attention is focused on Lee Soo-ji’s beautiful story. Netizen A, who introduced himself as the father of a child in 2020, … Read more

Diego Urrutia: Hilarious Telethon Performance and Rise to Fame as Yerko Puchento’s Replacement

2023-11-11 06:05:47 Comedian Diego Urrutia, who dazzled at the Viña del Mar 2023 Festival, once again unleashed laughter with his presentation on the Telethon stage. During his routine he reviewed how he became famous after entering as replacement of Yerko Puchento. “No one had faith in me, I went to the festival with courage and … Read more

Hilarious and Horrifying: An American Comedian’s Unforgettable Bad Date

2023-10-24 10:06:59 An American comedian shares his bad dating experience. (Picture/reproduced from zakir siddiqui IG) The first impression on a date is important, otherwise there may not be a next one. A man in the United States complained that his date was “very deceitful.” Not only did the photo look very different from the person … Read more

Spicing up Reality: Natalia Sanint’s Journey to Health and Happiness

2023-10-12 18:10:32 Without a doubt, RCN television has sought to target the emotions of its viewers by adding spice through reality shows such as ‘MasterChef Celebrity’. Although this season was full of unknown faces, the truth is that several managed to win the affection of viewers just as did the famous comedian Natalia Sanint, who … Read more

The Day Benito Castro Visited The Last Word Studio: A Tribute to the Late Actor and Comedian

2023-09-11 23:55:48 The death of the actor and comedian Benito Castro at 77 years of age shocked the great family of entertainment nationwide, since the singer also gave life to ‘Papiringo’, an iconic character of the Mexican comedy who shared the stage with the talented María Elena Saldaña, better known as ‘La Güereja’. However, few … Read more