The real size of Kanye West’s lower body suffocated the host on Julia Fox’s show

American rap king Kanye West (Ye) has been changing girlfriends faster than the speed of light since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. A few days ago, when one of Ye’s ex-girlfriends, Julia Fox, was interviewed by the program, she revealed the secret history of her relationship with Ye, and also disclosed the size of Ye’s … Read more

An artist leads the trend after appearing at the Cairo Film Festival… And the audience: Who is this? (photo)

Actress Hoda El-Etreby topped the social networking sites, due to her changing features, while attending the opening ceremony of the 44th session of the Cairo International Film Festival. Social media pioneers circulated old photos of Hoda and compared them to her most recent appearance at the Cairo Film Festival. The audience’s comments were many, including: … Read more

Anson Lo was carried away after showing stomach cramps: Sister Hua: It hurts so hard

Anson Lo and Xinyi jointly performed the “Lakuo Concert God の Lakuo” concert tonight (13th). As the first performance of the regroup, Anson Lo was in a brave state on stage, dancing for half an hour. Anson Lo is in a brave state. In addition to dancing and singing “King Kong”, “Megahit” and “Sing This … Read more

Anson Lo and Jeremy return from Japan to 300 fans to pick up the plane

MIRROR, which was suspended for two months due to a serious accident at the concert, recently released a new song “We All Are”, and Shangtai also announced the “La Kuo Concert God’s La Kuo” co-organized by Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) and Zheng Xinyi, and 12 The basketball event “903 ALL STAR Playoffs” that Zi Youcheng … Read more

The story of leaving home and leaving the well | Former TVB screenwriter Heidi unfortunately suffered from cancer and moved to the UK to recover

The new Hong Kong TV show “The Story of Leaving the Hometown and the Well”, created by the gold medal producer Zhang Zhiming and the behind-the-scenes team of “Marry to the Edge of the World”, premiered last night (10th), and the first episode was brought to you by host Jessica One of the emerging Hong … Read more

Watch.. Someone throws a Sudanese artist with the chair and beats him during an event for a strange reason

Al-Marsad newspaper: documented a video clip circulating, of a man throwing a chair at a Sudanese artist, and beating him and members of the band during an event in Sudan. In the video, one of the attendees was carrying a chair and throwing the Sudanese artist and the band with it, while a person intervened … Read more