Michelle Yeoh and her husband returned to Maratha to make up for the wedding banquet and wrote “Love Never Dies” in their funny wedding photos

2023-12-19 23:30:46 The 61-year-old Michelle Yeoh (Michelle Yeoh), the first Asian Oscar-winning actress, announced in July this year that she was getting married in Switzerland with her French tycoon boyfriend Jean Todt, who she has been dating for 19 years. At that time, they had already announced that they would return to their hometown of … Read more

From two different religions…a famous Lebanese artist asked his wife to convert to Islam, and this is what she did

2023-12-18 05:58:28 Artist Wael Jassar participated in the “Zaman” program with media personality Raghida Shalhoub on LBCI. Shalhoub asked her guest about his married life, where he talked about his wife and the mother of his children, Mireille, with whom he shares great love. Wael explained that he met Mireille in his early twenties and … Read more

Mandy Lieu’s mid-level mansion has multiple ceiling mirrors in the master room to set the mood and feng shui?

2023-12-17 07:15:36 Mandy currently lives in a British manor, living a idyllic life with her four children. (Website image) Mandy Lieu signed a document two years ago across the ocean, pledging the high-rise unit of her Mid-Levels mansion, Jui Ran, with a market value of NT$120 million, as a loan guarantee to repay the debts … Read more

Actor Javier Sáenz Opens Up About Battle with Depression, Financial Struggle, and Overcoming Adversity

2023-12-11 22:34:13 In the middle of an emotional interview, the actor Javier Sáenz told one of his most difficult moments that he had to live through and due to which he fell into a depression to the point of wanting to make an attempt on his life. The artist remembered for productions such as Esclava … Read more

News Queen plot|Gao Haining asks Charmaine Sheh for conditions, and black material about He Yiting’s sister’s accident is revealed

2023-12-06 13:05:51 In the 13th episode of “News Queen”, Ma Guoming’s MeToo incident ended due to a pure misunderstanding. Gong Ci’en wanted to win over Li Shihua to become the third force of SNK News, but she did not agree. On the other hand, Charmaine Sheh promoted Gao Haining to take over to check and … Read more

Venezuelan Public Ministry Confirms Third Suspect in Canserbero’s Death Investigation: Updates and Criticisms

2023-12-01 12:24:05 The Public Ministry of Venezuela referred to the investigation into the death of rapper Canserbero in 2015 and confirmed that there is a third suspect. He Public ministry of Venezuela confirmed a third suspect in the death of rapper Tirone González in 2015, known as Canserbero. This is what the attorney general of … Read more

“The color of his face and body suddenly changed.” Details of the death of a famous Egyptian artist while filming a movie

2023-11-27 01:15:45 Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian artist Tariq Abdel Aziz died after suffering a sudden heart attack on the set of the movie “And We Left Two,” and was subsequently transferred to Zayed Specialized Hospital in Egypt. Good psychological state For his part, Egyptian artist Sherif Mounir revealed the last moments of his compatriot Tariq Abdel … Read more

Anyone who fights Israel is defending his land and surroundings

2023-11-18 18:55:43 Lebanese artist Carole Samaha renewed her support for the Palestinian people in light of the violent bombing that the Gaza Strip has been subjected to since the seventh of last October. She said in a post on her official account on the “X” website: “No, Israel does not have the right to defend … Read more