In Nineveh… manipulation and violations worth 5 billion dinars were seized

According to a statement, the Commission’s Investigation Department indicated that “116 transactions related to agricultural pullers equipped by the General Company for Agricultural Supplies in Nineveh for farmers were seized during the past year 2022,” noting that “there are legal violations that accompanied the process of distributing the cutie type pullers, whose value is ( … Read more

Yang Lie’s second brother “colorectal cancer caused kidney failure” passed away in grief and confirmed: he slept forever in the early morning-Entertainment-China Times News

Yang Lie confirmed that his second elder brother passed away due to renal failure caused by end-stage colorectal cancer. (Picture/China Time File Photo) Jin Zhongge Wang Yang Lie recently published a post revealing that his second brother was admitted to the hospice ward. He was in a dying state at the time due to kidney … Read more

The first suspension of the Kurdistan region after the decision of an international arbitration court

The ministry said in a statement, “The Kurdistan Regional Government has conducted, in recent months, continuous dialogues and negotiations with the federal government, the latest of which was on the budget and oil and gas files, and the two sides reached at that time a preliminary agreement and a good understanding under the umbrella of … Read more

a large asteroid will pass “very close” to Earth on Saturday

A large asteroid will pass between the Earth and the Moon on Saturday, a harmless but only once-a-decade event that will serve as a planetary defense training exercise, the US learned on Friday. European Space Agency (ESA). According to estimates, the asteroid dubbed 2023 DZ2 measures between 40 and 70 meters in diameter, enough to … Read more

a confirmed smartphone, improved photos

With the release of its S23 range, Samsung took very little risk. The South Korean brand contented itself with refreshing the S22s released last year by dusting off the hardware. No surprise seeing the phones, they more or less resemble the formats released last year. Look identity Like Apple with its iPhones, Samsung understood that … Read more

Certifications endorse the skills of medical graduates for professional practice

Education | 24 Feb, 2023, 20:00 The certifications reaffirm the social commitment of the graduates, providing them with professional and ethical tools. Image: Courtesy – + Writing / The Voice of Michoacán Morelia, Michoacan. According to Paul Gervasio Soberanis, secretary of the General Medicine Certification Council of the State of Michoacán, the certifications guarantee the … Read more