enjoy Microsoft Office 2021 and Windows 11 for Life from €10!

2023-12-21 05:59:33 Treat yourself to lifetime licenses for Microsoft Office suites and Windows operating systems at unbeatable prices. Last minute gift ideas that will be a sensation under the tree! This will also interest you As the holiday season approaches, the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift begins. Forget cliché socks or generic gift cards. … Read more

Fashion Dreamer – Nintendo Switch

2023-12-18 23:09:09 In search of glamour. Syn Sophia is a Japanese company best known for its work on the Style Savvy franchise (La Maison du Style in French) in partnership with Nintendo. In this series, we have the opportunity to manage a fashion store and do several other industry-related activities. With this expertise, the developer … Read more

Belgian Real Estate Prices Surge: Regional Disparities and Affordability

2023-12-12 13:09:00 The observation is there: real estate prices recorded an increase of 3.7% across the entire Belgian territory during this year. This progression, although notable, shows significant regional disparities. Flanders is the most affected region, with an increase of 5.2%, followed by Wallonia, which recorded an increase of 3.8%. However, Brussels is an exception … Read more

Office 2021 and Windows 11 Pro for life from just €10 with Christmas sales!

2023-12-07 07:03:00 This will also interest you Some people are still unhappy that they were not able to take advantage of the low-cost Godeal24 software prepared for Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday, while others have already noticed the good deals from 12.12 from Godeal24 ! The Double 12 shopping festival, the end-of-year shopping bonanza begins … Read more

Mastering Windows PowerShell for Automated Management: Hengyi Course AZ040 Recap and Notes

2023-12-06 06:19:30 Hengyi Course: Microsoft – AZ040 Using Windows PowerShell for Automated Management Preface: Organize your notes from classes at Hengyi Education and Training Center. Previous article: Day-2 course uses PowerShell for automated management (1) Next article: Day-2 course uses PowerShell for automated management (3) Notes are also divided into two halves in the morning … Read more

Another own goal for Nothing: vulnerability found in CMF

2023-12-06 16:43:38 Nothing is in the middle of a storm: after having fallen on hard times in November due to Nothing Chats and Sunbird and the attempt to bring iMessage to Android, it now finds itself facing another moment of embarrassment due to CMF, its sub -brand. CMF was born with the idea of ​​making … Read more

“Alexa, let me talk to Santa”: what to ask Alexa for Christmas

2023-12-04 15:54:25 Christmas is getting closer and closer, with holidays, gifts and meals inexorably approaching. And voice assistants, the ones we interact with virtually every day, are also getting into the mix. Among these, we obviously find Alexa, the digital but intelligent entity which allows access to various functions to manage devices connected to the … Read more