MIUI 14: All Xiaomi phones will receive Android 13

A MIUI 14 was finally announced by Xiaomi during the launch event of the Xiaomi 13 line. Android 13the new Xiaomi interface should be released gradually for all eligible cell phones of the brand, contemplating users who own several cell phones from the lines Redmi e BIT, as well as the Chinese giant’s tablets. The … Read more

What is the cheapest cell phone in the world? It’s in Brazil?

Here at Oficina da Net we classify cell phones as entry-level, intermediate and top-of-the-line. Since there are “expensive” entry-level phones and “cheap” top-of-the-line phones, this classification allows us to compare all tested phones and find the models that make the most sense for the consumer, whether for photos, games, portability and general use. However, there … Read more