Windows 11 banned from installing on smartphones

Media journalists noticed that in the future Windows 11 24H2 update, a ban on installing the operating system on smartphones is expected. The authors explained that the update does not support older devices based on ARM processors, which include gadgets based on Windows Phone. “Devices such as the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will … Read more

On the eastern border there are concrete blocks and bastions. And this is just the beginning

“The first road has also been dug, that is, work is already underway,” the minister emphasized in an interview. Applications for the introduction of border security measures have been announced. According to Sproods, 66 companies applied to participate in the competition, which is a significant number. The ministry is currently in the process of negotiations … Read more

New design modules for street trading are starting to be installed in Riga

In order to ensure the installation of new street trading modules, it is planned to dismantle old trading modules in the following retail locations: – on Valdeku street 53;– on the corner of Parades and Plexnes streets;– on Hipocrates Street opposite Gailyezer Street;– on the corner of K. Valdemara and Zirnu streets;– on the red … Read more

New modules for street trading will be installed in Riga

To ensure the installation of new street trading modules, old structures in retail outlets on the street will be dismantled. Valdekyu, 53, on the corner of the street. Parades and Plesnes, on the street. Hipokrata opposite the street. Gailyezera, on the corner of the street. Valdemara and Zirnu, on the red lines st. Tilta, next … Read more

The Case of Defrauding Artist Sabry Abdel Moneim: From Imprisonment to Acquittal – Full Details and Ruling

2023-11-02 07:00:00 Saleem wrote on Thursday, November 2, 2023 09:00 AM Yesterday, Tuesday, the Mokattam Court of Appeals, held at the South Cairo Court, brought down the curtain on the case of defrauding the artist Sabry Abdel Moneim, which issued its ruling accepting the appeal submitted by those accused of defrauding the artist Sabry Abdel … Read more

Acquittal in Fraud Case against Artist Sabry Abdel Moneim: Mokattam Court of Appeals Ruling

2023-10-31 13:59:00 Saleem wrote on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 03:59 PM The Mokattam Court of Appeals Misdemeanor at the South Cairo Court acquitted the defendants in the fraud case against the artist Sabry Abdel Moneim. The Mokattam Misdemeanor Court in South Cairo Court had sentenced 8 people accused of defrauding the artist Sabry Abdel Moneim … Read more

The Dangers of Gastric Balloon: An Inside Look at the Physical and Health Damage Revealed by a Citizen

2023-10-20 12:26:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A female citizen revealed the physical and health damage she suffered due to the installation of a gastric balloon. The citizen said in a video clip: “I asked the doctor to install a gastric balloon as I weigh 70 kilograms, and the cost of each one is 17 thousand riyals, including … Read more

Installation of Rachid Hachichi as new CEO of Sonatrach

2023-10-02 19:54:09 ALGIERS – The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, on Monday in Algiers, installed Mr. Rachid Hachichi in his new role as CEO of the Sonatrach group, replacing Mr. Toufik Hakkar. The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had, earlier on Monday, terminated the functions of Mr. Hakkar and appointed Mr. … Read more