Basra.. the first comment of the Civil Defense after the station fire

2023-05-03 21:40:00 The Director of Civil Defense, Basra Governorate, confirmed that no human damage was recorded after the station fire. Brigadier General Tahsin Ali Al-Sari said in an interview with Al-Sumaria News, “All civil defense teams participated in 20 teams with pelvic disguises.” Al-Sari added that “there are no human damages,” stressing that “a committee … Read more

“Al-Marsad: Latest News from Sudan and Beyond with Exclusive Satellite Images and Footage.”

2023-04-18 15:27:29 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Satellite images have spread, showing the damage to two Egyptian Air Force MiG-29 planes at Marawi Airport, and the complete destruction of another plane. The footage showed the destruction of an FTC-2000 combat training aircraft, and a video clip showing the burning of several Mi-24 helicopters belonging to the Sudanese Air … Read more

The 2023 list of the most polluted vegetables and fruits: serious health damage

Blueberries, a favorite among nutritionists for their anti-inflammatory properties, join fiber-rich green beans on this year’s Dirty Dozen list of non-organic produce contaminated with the most pesticides, according to the Environmental Working Group, an environmental health nonprofit. In this list, the researchers relied on analyzing the group of vegetables and fruits and the extent of … Read more

It causes cancer and liver damage..Experts reveal the harms of adding salt to pasta when boiling..and explain the correct method

Al Marsad Newspaper: Experts revealed that adding salt to pasta at the wrong time during cooking can pose a health risk. illnesses serious Scientists from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, analyzed chemicals found in tap water and found small amounts of disinfectants that, when combined with salt, create harmful byproducts. They can cause cancer, … Read more

Approving the amendment of the executive regulations of the Saudi Building Code application system.. and compensating the owner for damages during this period

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Minister of Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, Majid Al-Qasabi, approved the amendment of the executive regulations of the building code application system. compensation The amendment of the regulations included obligating the designer supervising the implementation of the construction and the executor to … Read more

Rapper Flo Rida receives nearly $83 million in damages

Flo Rida in the courthouse. Image: AP The rapper had accused the beverage manufacturer Celsius Holdings Inc. of not having given him a contractual share of the revenue. A Florida jury has now awarded him nearly $83 million. Dhe American rapper Flo Rida’s claims for damages against the beverage manufacturer Celsius Holdings Inc. have paid … Read more