Shocking Marriage Proposal: German YouTuber’s Heartbreaking Rejection Caught on Video

2023-09-24 14:21:43 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented a YouTuber named Zaher, who lives in Germany. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend to propose marriage to her. He arranged and prepared a place in the city center to present the wedding ring to her, but he received a shock. The video showed the … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to ******* ******** and **********: Access Unlimited Content for €4/month!

2023-09-23 05:00:00 ** ************* ** ** ******* ******** ********** ******* **** ** *********** **** *** *************** ** ******** ************ *** ** ***** *** ***** ** *********** ** ********* ************* ** ********** ******* ***** ******* *** * **** ***** **** ********** ****** ** ****** ** ****** ** ********* ** ********** ****** ********* ******* ******* ********* ******* … Read more

Viral Video: Shocking Moment Car Crashes into Barbershop Wall!

2023-09-23 19:48:19 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media platforms showed the moment a wall in a barbershop shook and things fell from the top of the shelves in a strange manner. The clip showed a girl shaving a customer in a barbershop, and while doing so, she was surprised by the wall … Read more

The iPhone 15 series sells better than expected. Should you choose to stick with Apple or switch to Huawei? _Mobile_User_Pro

2023-09-18 08:34:00 Original title: The iPhone 15 series sells better than expected. Should you choose to stick with Apple or switch to Huawei? Judging from the delivery waiting time of the iPhone 15 series currently displayed on Apple’s official websites in various places, the Pro series models need to wait 6-7 weeks on average. For … Read more

The Dangers of Organ Transplants: Legionella Bacteria Linked to Donor Drowned in Water

2023-09-16 08:38:00 In an unexpected event, it turned out that the transfer of organs from a person who had died by drowning could turn into a danger due to the transfer of dangerous bacteria. In detail, doctors were able to transfer the right lung from a man who drowned last year after falling into a … Read more

Unlock the Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds: Studies, Nutrients, and More

2023-09-13 13:51:22 Al-Marsad newspaper: Studies have found that watermelon seeds are safe and considered a very important source of many nutrients. Studies have shown that watermelon offers many health benefits, as it soothes muscle pain, improves skin, and even reduces the risk of cancer. According to “Sky News” The seeds also provide fatty acids that … Read more