In the video, a Saudi researcher in metaphysics identifies 3 signs of the presence of jinn in the house

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Abdul Rahman Al-Zuhaifi, a researcher in metaphysics, spoke of signs indicating the presence of jinn in the room or house. And he said, through his account on “Tik Tok”, that the first sign is the feeling of chills in the body and your hair standing, adding that the second sign is feeling … Read more

Disclosure of the value of the fine for the homeowner who puts cones in front of his house • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The spokesman for the Municipality of Jeddah, “Mohammed Al-Baqami”, revealed that homeowners have no right to close the area adjacent to it, to prevent parking, pointing out that the street is a public right and is not affiliated with the ownership limits of home owners. According to “Okaz”, Al-Baqmi said, whoever commits this … Read more

Watch .. “Saudi Arabia” tells the details of the opening of 4 pharmacies and its sisters, and the reason for their mother’s resort to home mortgage

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pharmacist, Dr. Manar Al-Zeer, revealed the details of her and her three sisters opening 4 pharmacies, with the help of their mother, after she mortgaged the house. She said during an interview with “Al-Ekhbariya” channel: “Our mother suddenly told us that she had mortgaged the house and got a loan and rented … Read more

Watch .. a “specialist” reveals the causes of cracks in the walls… and calls for leaving the house in this case

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A real estate specialist revealed the reason for the appearance of cracks and cracks in the walls, indicating the need to hire an engineer or specialist to examine them when they appear in the house, even if it is new. And he explained, during a video clip, which he posted on his account … Read more

4 “serious” symptoms that appear on you when you walk barefoot indoors

Al-Marsad newspaper: Some pediatricians who specialize in treating foot or lower leg problems revealed that walking barefoot indoors leads to structural problems and damage to the feet, according to the “Boldsky” website. 1- Imbalance and deformities in the foot The imbalance caused by walking barefoot on hard surfaces can lead to the development of underlying … Read more

They went to a doctor’s office and disappeared .. A mother and her children did not return home! (picture)

The Egyptian security services in Assiut Governorate are intensifying the search for a housewife and her 4 children, after they have been absent from their home since Wednesday. The Assiut Security Directorate received a notification from the warden of the Qusiya police station stating that a report had been received from Abdel Mohsen. p. S., … Read more