Covid-19 vaccines and in pharmacies – What are their costs? – 2024-03-08 18:34:31

And from pharmacies citizens will be able to be vaccinated, against Covid-19, as provided for in the bill which was published in the Government Gazette. This has been raised in public consultation until March 19. The fee which is provided, per vaccination, in private pharmacies, is five euros. Vaccination is allowed in private pharmacies, as … Read more

pharmacists will be able to prescribe antibiotics

2023-09-01 10:21:41 The pharmacist must first carry out a test to confirm the bacterial origin of the disease and talk to the patient. Traveling to Rouen on Thursday August 31, Elisabeth Borne announced several measures concerning the health of the French. Among these, the authorization for any pharmacist to “prescribe antibiotics“for cystitis – urinary tract … Read more

The High Cost of Medicines and the Rise of the Black Market: The Syrian Healthcare Crisis

2023-08-06 15:54:15 The high cost of medicines has prompted Syrians to buy some items from black markets instead of pharmacies, despite the high health risks resulting from the lack of “smuggled” medicines that are offered on stalls to health control over their effectiveness and validity. In addition to the high prices of medicines, some are … Read more

Protecting Patients: The Crisis of Smuggled and Counterfeit Medicine in Lebanon

2023-07-13 13:00:40 The head of the Pharmacists Syndicate, Dr. Joe Salloum, indicated that “there is a forged and smuggled drug that entersLebanonand kills the Lebanese without the officials moving a finger,” pointing out that “we will continue to say that there is a change in Lebanon’s health and drug identity through the spread of illegal … Read more

Pharmacist Protests Nationwide: Bottlenecks in Medicine Supply and Growing Bureaucracy

2023-06-06 14:24:55 As of: 6/6/2023 4:24 p.m Bottlenecks in the supply of medicines, growing bureaucracy and a lack of staff: pharmacists are massively critical of the increasing burdens they are exposed to. With a nationwide day of protest, they want to draw attention to their situation. The Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) … Read more

“Distressing that several sites, even pharmacies, present it as a product for dieting purposes”

On TikTok in particular, some Internet users praise Ozempic and film themselves injecting themselves with the pen with the active ingredient of this drug, prescribed for type 2 diabetics, and which would promote rapid weight loss without effort. Videos viewed tens of thousands of times and which have gone viral. Result: in pharmacies, a new … Read more

The Ministry of Health directs to cancel the “My Wasfaty” system… and to reactivate pharmacies in health centers

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circular revealed that the Ministry of Health is preparing to activate pharmacies attached to primary health care centers in a number of regions and governorates of the Kingdom and to cancel the “My Wasfati” system that was in effect during the past years to secure treatments that are not available in government … Read more

“I don’t understand why we keep selling it, stop this scam”

Marc Van Ranst was unveiled during the Covid period in Belgium. But the Belgian KUL virologist has been a doctor of medicine since 1990. Specializing in viruses since 1994, it is with this cap that he tested and gives his opinion on a drug supposed to fight the symptoms of the condition. influenza, Oscillococinum. This … Read more