NuRAN Wireless Expands Operations in Madagascar with New Subsidiary and Operating License

2023-09-09 15:43:00 (Ecofin Agency) – NuRAN Wireless had already obtained a 10-year contract in January 2023 to build 500 telecommunications sites in the country. NuRAN Wireless, a Canadian company specializing in the provision of telecoms infrastructure, is in the process of creating a local subsidiary in Madagascar. The company announced that it had initiated procedures … Read more

Ministry of Health Punishes Hospital in Erbil for Newborn Abuse: Controversial Video Sparks Outrage

2023-08-21 12:24:07 Yesterday, Sunday, the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq issued a series of punitive measures against a hospital in Erbil, after the spread of a video clip showing the abuse of a newborn girl in the (premature) department by two nurses. The ministry said in a statement reported by … Read more

Brave Libyan Doctor Rushes to Rescue Patient and Falls: Watch the Viral Video!

2023-08-10 19:02:37 A video spread on social media, of a Libyan doctor who fell to the ground while he was heading quickly to rescue a patient. The doctor had bruises on his chest. A Libyan doctor rushes to save a patient and falls to the ground and suffers chest bruises. The Ministry of Health honors … Read more

Discover Astonishing Price Differences: Cars in America vs. the Kingdom Revealed by Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-10 15:51:28 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A content maker revealed the prices of “Defender” and “S-Class” cars in America and the Kingdom, noting that the huge price difference shocked him. The content maker referred to some sites through which you can search for cars in the United States, explaining that the cost of shipping a car from … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi’s mother, the talk of the communication sites.. This is how she sat in the arms of her daughter “as a little girl” (video)

2023-07-07 16:32:41 Actress Nadine Al-Rassi published a video on her Instagram account, in which she appeared with her mother, and the latter sat in the arms of her daughter, and acted like a little girl. Nadine’s father appeared in the same video from inside the car, along with his wife and daughter. Nadine commented on … Read more

Elderly Citizen’s Mesmerizing Performance of Al-Khatwa Al-Asiri Dance Goes Viral – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-01 07:09:02 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip of an elderly citizen participating in the performance of the “Al-Khatwa Al-Asiri” dance spread with a number of people, which impressed the pioneers of social networking sites. The video showed the elderly man wearing a black vest, standing in the middle of a number of people, and using … Read more

Discrepancy in Prices of Sacrificial Animals in Al-Azizia Market: Al-Marsad Newspaper Reveals Shocking Findings

2023-06-23 01:06:58 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip revealed the discrepancy in the prices of sacrificial animals in Al-Azizia market in Riyadh. The publisher of the video said: Al-Azizia Market is one of the wholesale sites for the sale of livestock and sheep in Riyadh and the Kingdom as a whole, where the sale takes … Read more

Understanding the Charges and Consequences of Insulting an Expat on Social Media: Insights from Legal Advisor Muhammad Al-Wahaibi

2023-06-21 15:50:24 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The legal advisor, Muhammad Al-Wahaibi, revealed the most prominent charges faced by the two accused of insulting an expatriate through social media. Al-Wahaibi said, in his interview with Saudi Arabia: “This act entered the anti-information crime and anti-harassment system, because they committed 3 criminal acts according to the first system, which … Read more