AvtoVAZ began negotiations on assembling cars in Iran – Vedomosti

2023-12-06 22:45:41 AvtoVAZ began negotiations on assembling cars in Iran Vedomosti Lada cars are planned to be assembled in Iran – it’s more efficient this way Auto Mail.ru AvtoVAZ began negotiations on assembling cars in Iran URA.RU AVTOVAZ plans to launch a business in Iran TLT.ru AvtoVAZ has begun expansion of the Lada brand into … Read more

Twitch withdraws from South Korea. Because the cost is extremely high – PC Watch

2023-12-06 03:10:42 Twitchhas announced that it will terminate Twitch services in South Korea as of February 27, 2024 (Korean time). The company cited increased operating costs as the main reason for its withdrawal. The company has implemented various cost-cutting measures to continue its service in South Korea, such as streaming in a P2P model and … Read more

The Importance of Food Safety and Quality in Lebanon: The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Local and Imported Brands

2023-12-05 15:11:00 The current economic crisis has led to a change in food control rules and the spread of unknown brands, many of which have not been subjected to laboratory tests to ensure their safety, safety and quality. Based on this new reality in the process of choosing food products and searching for less expensive … Read more

The Red Sea International Film Festival announces the winners of the Red Sea Market Awards – Pictures

2023-12-05 21:12:49 Al-Marsad newspaper: Today, the Red Sea International Film Festival announced the winners of the Red Sea Market Awards – in cash and in kind, aimed at developing and promoting new talents among filmmakers in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world and Africa. After studying and reviewing the competing works, three jury committees, namely: the … Read more

Samsung Lions and Free Agent Bullpen Targets in Korean Professional Baseball

2023-12-04 05:15:45 Samsung, which was worried about the back door, is interested in whether it will target the free agent bullpen more. Veteran Lim Chang-min, who has little compensation, is worth targeting. Kim Jae-yoon, the closing pitcher of the KT Wiz, was recruited by the Samsung Lions in the free agent market after the 2023 … Read more

Tips for Christmas markets in Upper Styria – 2023

2023-12-03 23:01:00 The smell of roasted almonds, tree cakes, gingerbread and punch in your nose is – it just has to be said – magical! Every year, this very special atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas transforms tired into sparkling eyes, cool moments into comfortably warm moments and evenings into a sparkling sea of ​​lights. … Read more