La La Land: pause at 59 minutes, and watch this newspaper carefully! – Cinema News

If you freeze frame at this precise moment in “La La Land”, you can see a nod to a classic of French cinema. La La Land is a tribute to the great musical comedies of cinema as well as a unique story, that of two aspiring artists seeking to make themselves known in Hollywood, played … Read more

Why Are Prices Higher in Belgium? Factors Explained and Impact on Cross-Border Shopping

2023-12-19 17:33:00 What explains this price difference? First, the bottle tax. This is a 10c/L contribution on the product packaging. This tax does not exist in France, and therefore directly impacts the difference in the final amount. Then, VAT is slightly higher on our side of the border. Finally, note the soda tax in force … Read more

Beating the Roaming Charges: How to Avoid Unexpected Costs When Traveling Outside the EU

2023-11-23 10:39:24 Outside the European Union, making calls or surfing the internet with your telephone subscription can cost you a lot of money. This is why Eric was very careful not to answer calls and to use the internet only via WiFi networks. Despite these precautions, Eric received a bill for 40 euros from his … Read more

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: TF1 Broadcast Controversy Explained

2023-11-02 10:54:05 If you too opted for “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” on TF1 on Halloween evening, you may have noticed this detail during your viewing. Photo News Published on 02/11/2023 at 11:54 “Are you okay @TF1 ???? Do you mind speeding up Harry Potter? I had a weird impression but now it’s … Read more

Climate Crisis and the Urgency for Action: Life on Earth Under Siege

2023-10-24 18:46:00 “Life on earth is under siege”: scientists warn about the state of the climate, the Earth enters “unexplored territory” The problem for the minister is that the expert committee appointed by the government and responsible for giving an opinion on this text says the same thing as Jean-Luc Crucke. “The Government is currently … Read more

Ranking Revealed: Colruyt Voted as the Favorite Supermarket Brand by Our Readers

2023-09-29 17:41:00 What is your favorite supermarket brand? We asked our readers the question and here is the result! BELGA By the editorial team Published on 09/25/2023 at 11:04 You had the choice between Colruyt, Delhaize, Intermarché, Aldi, Lidl and Carrefour. The supermarkets which are generally located closest to you. of videos According to our … Read more

Eco-Driving Training Courses: Effectively Reduce Fuel Consumption and Save Money

2023-09-17 05:39:42 Published on Wednesday July 26, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. Since the rise in fuel prices, the Vias Institute has organized twice as many eco-driving training courses. We tested the formula, resulting in an effective reduction in consumption. “Take advantage of the descent and the inertia of the vehicle to stay in 6th gear … Read more

Pro-Democracy Activist Wang Dan Accused of Sexual Harassment: Full Details and Press Conference

2023-06-04 02:09:03 The victim surnamed Li (middle) held a press conference and accused pro-democracy activist Wang Dan of sexual harassment. (Picture / screenshot from YT live broadcast) Li Nan showed off Wang Dan’s private residence that he took to prove that he had followed Wang Dan to the United States. (Provided by Taipei City Councilor … Read more