Senior Driving License Restrictions Avoided in Europe: What You Need to Know

2023-12-07 10:42:00 No limitations on seniors’ licenses By YH In its desire to revise the driving license directive, Europe was considering imposing a medical examination from the age of 70. “I am pleased that the idea of ​​forcing our seniors to carry out periodic aptitude tests in order to keep their driving license, as proposed … Read more

Media Markt Revolutionizes Retail with In-Store Marketplace and Fitness Expert Advice

2023-12-05 18:46:00 Media Markt is a subsidiary known for being at the forefront of technology for all of its customers and it still proves it today. As we told you two weeks ago, the first MediaMarkt Xpress will see the light of day in Belgium. The electronics giant has today decided to revolutionize part of … Read more

Belgian Man’s Journey to the Front Lines of Ukraine: A Personal Account of War and Sacrifice

2023-11-18 10:57:00 It is in an apartment building in Rivne, in western Ukraine, that we find Bendo. At 45, this native of Brussels made a strong choice last year at the start of the conflict in Ukraine by deciding to go to the front. For a year, Bendo and his Ukrainian wife have swapped their … Read more

Fuchsia Pink Light Display near Antwerp: Explained and Debunked by HLN

2023-11-05 07:04:33 Yesterday evening, a fuchsia pink light lit up the sky near Antwerp. It didn’t take much for many Belgians to wonder on social networks: but what happened? HLN reassures this Sunday morning and indicates that this is in no way a strange phenomenon. The explanation actually comes from the light that a nursery … Read more

British Couple’s Life Changed by EuroMillions Win: Refusing to Believe Can Lead to Millions

2023-11-03 20:59:51 In life, details can sometimes change everything. For Daniel and Charlotte, this detail was a EuroMillions draw. DR By Sudinfo Published on 03/11/2023 at 7:42 p.m. What would you say if we told you that you were now a millionaire? It’s difficult to know as this possibility is so slim. Especially if you … Read more

Average Incomes and Unemployment Benefits in Belgium: Latest Figures Revealed by Statbel

2023-10-26 16:49:54 Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you how much you earn… Statbel has just revealed the net taxable income of Belgians in 2021 (latest figures available). The national average is €20,357 per inhabitant, compared to 19,671 in 2020. Across the three regions, Flanders comes first (€21,776) ahead of Wallonia (€19,192) and … Read more

Alert: Withdrawal of BRINDOLIVE CANDIED LEMONS due to Undeclared Sulphites – MIA TRADING INTL. SA

2023-10-25 16:07:00 The company MIA TRADING INTL. SA detected the presence of sulphites, which is not mentioned on the label, in the product CANDIED LEMONS of the BRINDOLIVE brand. MIA TRADING INTL. SA has therefore decided, in agreement with the FASFC, to withdraw this product from sale. If you have an allergy or intolerance to … Read more

The Heartwarming Love Story of Dana and Joris: Reunited after Years Apart

2023-10-25 16:00:00 For years, Dana and Joris lived on the same street. If they separated as teenagers, it was to better reunite a few years later. Today, they even said yes to each other! of videos The couple tells their beautiful story to HBVL: “We lost touch after primary school. We both went to different … Read more