Media Markt Revolutionizes Retail with In-Store Marketplace and Fitness Expert Advice

2023-12-05 18:46:00 Media Markt is a subsidiary known for being at the forefront of technology for all of its customers and it still proves it today. As we told you two weeks ago, the first MediaMarkt Xpress will see the light of day in Belgium. The electronics giant has today decided to revolutionize part of … Read more

Understanding the Weather Warning Codes: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

2023-12-04 18:45:45 Code green, yellow, orange, red…what does that mean? When the criteria are met, IRM issues general warnings several times a day for hazardous phenomena related to wind, rain, thunderstorms, slippery conditions, fog, tides, cold and heat. These warnings are issued by Belgian province, for a specific period of validity. They meet the following … Read more

Monoprix Comes to Belgium: What You Need to Know and Why It Matters

2023-11-20 19:10:08 This rumor has been circulating for some time, it’s now official! The first Monoprix store in Belgium will arrive in Waterloo! The company Transversale (one of the main franchisees of the French brand) has obtained the establishment permit granted by the municipality of Waterloo. of videos This news may indeed come as a … Read more

Finding Solutions to Traffic Jams: Innovative Ideas by Mobility Experts at the University of Louvain

2023-11-14 18:49:00 Two professors specializing in mobility at the University of Louvain would like to find solutions to the problem of traffic jams in Belgium. For them, instead of stupidly punishing motorists who drive during rush hours, why not simply “reward” those who avoid rush hours by finding other transportation alternatives? of videos One certainty … Read more

New Detention Centers Opening in Wallonia: What You Need to Know

2023-11-12 23:00:00 The first two detention centers will open in Wallonia. They will be located in Liège and Jemeppe-sur-Sambre (province of Namur). In Liège, the former Espace Belvaux youth hostel, in the Grivegnée entity, will be transformed into a detention center that can accommodate 60 people. The building will be adapted and enlarged. Belvaux space. … Read more

The Ultimate Ranking: What Supermarket Brand is the Favorite Among Our Readers?

2023-10-09 09:55:49 What is your favorite supermarket brand? We asked our readers the question and here is the result! BELGA By the editorial team Published on 09/25/2023 at 11:04 You had the choice between Colruyt, Delhaize, Intermarché, Aldi, Lidl and Carrefour. The supermarkets which are generally located closest to you. of videos According to our … Read more

Ine Van Wymersch Calls for Drug Line in TV Content: Preventive Measures Urged

2023-09-19 17:15:00 Drugs Commissioner Ine Van Wymersch’s appeal could bear fruit. Indeed, after the broadcast of a program on cocaine and other substances, she calls for these television contents to refer to the Drug Line, for preventive purposes, reports the Nieuwsblad. of videos “In some programs, drugs are not presented as a problem,” she said, … Read more

Resolving the Conflict in Ukraine: The Role of Pope Francis and Peace Negotiations

2023-08-26 11:19:02 The time will soon come to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and Pope Francis could play a key role in the possible resumption of peace negotiations. stated in an interview with the newspaper il Messaggero, Hungarian President Katalin Nowak. Novak, according to the newspaper, visited Rome after a trip to Kyiv, where she … Read more