“Jacqueline Galant’s Cycling Tour: Examining the Disastrous State of Regional Roads in Jurbise and Ath”

2023-05-11 03:55:00 Her first stop, the mayor of Jurbise, made on her entity: the road to Ath. By bicycle, she went on this famous regional road which is in very bad condition in some places. By going there, she was able to realize the disastrous state of certain sections. ***** ** ********* ********* *** ***** … Read more

“Why Catherine Had to Pay €5,000 for Water She Didn’t Use: The SWDE Meter Change Saga”

2023-05-05 03:55:00 April 2018, the SWDE went to Catherine Hardat’s home in Stockem to change her water meter. “They didn’t change it because there was a leak or something, but because it was too old. » 900 m3 of water consumed Only then, some time later, Catherine receives her regularization bill and it’s a cold … Read more

“Help Find Rambo: Desperate Search for Missing Crossbreed Chihuahua in Hastière”

2023-04-22 16:30:00 Rambo has been missing since Thursday, April 13. Christiane and her son are desperate to find their crossbreed Chihuahua. When the facts occurred in Hastière, in the province of Namur, Rambo was in his son’s garden. Then he disappeared in the evening! Christiane is convinced that it was stolen. He is the family … Read more

After “confession” – is Lewis Hamilton at risk of losing a world title?

Ecclestone: “We should have canceled the race in Singapore!”The matter seemed closed and forgotten until ex-F1 boss Ecclestone, now 92 years old, made a kind of “life confession” in an interview with “F1-Insider”. He and then-FIA President Max Mosley learned of the Piquet Jr. scandal “during the 2008 season.” and his team knew, but “decided … Read more

“Colruyt: Losing Your Belongings is No Laughing Matter” (photo)

On Tuesday, April 4, police in the Meetjesland region shared a heartwarming story on Facebook. They announced that an honest citizen had found €50 at Colruyt in Eeklo and was looking to return it to its rightful owner. The police invited the owner to email them with details about when they lost the money. Rest … Read more

Her brand of sneakers launched by the Minister of Defense

Ludivine Dedonder faced criticism from Theo Francken last December for wearing sneakers to office, with Francken deeming it inappropriate for the Minister of Defense to do so especially during times of war. However, Dedonder has now decided to launch her own brand of sneakers. The attack by Francken had a follow-up as the Minister who … Read more