Gas Explosion and Fire in Schaerbeek: Latest Updates and Expertise for Building Stability

2023-12-09 11:28:47 According to the latest inventory, provided by the acting mayor of Schaerbeek, Cécile Jodogne (DéFI), the fire, which ravaged the building this Friday evening, was preceded by a gas explosion that occurred on the third floor. The resident of the apartment was seriously injured and taken to hospital. “We requested an expertise for … Read more

Tragic Death at Neupré Party: The Shocking Details Uncovered by Liège Court

2023-12-07 05:46:00 The facts that the Liège criminal court has just examined date back to Wednesday September 22, 2021. That evening, Valérie, 46, had invited young people to her home, as she did occasionally. There were two brothers there, aged around 20, as well as David, 20, and a fourth kid aged 17. David, who … Read more

16 Days Without Heating: Noëlla, Johnny, and Their Neighbors Struggle with Cold in Bouge – Photos and Videos

2023-12-06 05:22:00 For 16 days, Noëlla and her husband Johnny have been living with scarves and hats inside their small apartment in Bouge. The couple, like their neighbors in three buildings on rue Bel Horizon belonging to the Foyer Namurois, no longer have heating. “Even our cats have cold paws and ears,” confides Noëlla, who … Read more

Fatal Stabbing in Jupille: Details of Neighborhood Conflict and Tragic Deaths

2023-12-05 03:00:00 On November 17, Daniel Saye (67) and his daughter, Natacha (24), were fatally stabbed by their neighbor, Alain Putters (60) following yet another neighborhood conflict. The events took place in an apartment building located on rue des Canonniers, in the city of the same name, in Jupille. of videos The author of these … Read more

2023 Yule Log Dessert Trends: The Controversy Over Cédric Grolet’s Snowman Creation

2023-11-30 09:21:36 Cold, snow, garlands and other light decorations. There is no doubt that the end-of-year holidays are approaching and with them, the inevitable gargantuan family meals. Tradition among traditions, the famous Yule log is a table essential. All the greatest chefs therefore offer their version of this dessert. of videos Star in his field, … Read more

Understanding Municipal Trash Can Regulations: What You Need to Know to Avoid Fines

2023-11-29 16:34:35 It’s an everyday gesture that everyone is used to, throwing something into a public trash can in the street. Jean-Louis, a resident of the north of Brussels, was walking in the town of Evere when he made this gesture which we no longer even think about because it is so innocuous. of videos … Read more