Steam’s cute new independent work “SCHiM” is an elf who can only jump in the shadows, hoping to find the owner’s way home | 4Gamers

2023-08-21 10:22:41 On a hot summer day, when waiting for traffic lights in the hot 40-degree sun, both pedestrians and motorcycles will want to find a shade to temporarily shade, and such a similar concept seems to be made into a game by overseas developers. There is an indie game called “SCHiM”, where the player … Read more

Two Young Heroes Return Stolen Smartphones: A Story of Altruism and Benevolence in Liège

2023-08-17 03:55:00 On Facebook, the worst often rubs shoulders with the best. And it is clearly in the second category that we can put the initiative of Ilias (20 years old) and Yassine (22 years old), two people from Liège who have distinguished themselves since Tuesday by a very nice gesture of altruism and benevolence. … Read more

IOS 17 Update: How to Take Full-Page Screenshots on iPhone and Save as Photos

2023-07-25 09:59:47 After the iPhone is updated to iOS 17, the full-page screenshot function of the web page can only be saved as a PDF file, and can only be saved as a file. After the update, it can finally be saved as a photo. iPhone full webpage screenshot function is a built-in function. After … Read more

Claudia Preserves and Virginia DeMaria: A Heartwarming Friendship and Culinary Journey Against Breast Cancer

2023-07-22 17:04:52 By Nicole Villanueva July 22, 2023 at 1:04 p.m. This Friday, Claudia Preserves He had a special guest on his show, the cook and TV host Virgina DeMaria. Conserva was moved to remember the nice gesture of her friend during her battle against breast cancer. On this occasion, both shared endearing moments of … Read more

Disturbing Encounter: Workers Threatened while Watering Flowers in Visé

2023-07-18 04:30:00 It’s a hell of a misadventure experienced this Monday morning by two workers from the town of Visé. Around 6:15 a.m., the two men headed for Avenue Albert 1er to water the flowers there, which are suspended a few meters high. To do this, and to get to the flowers, watering is done … Read more

Unforgettable Heroic Act: Julien Jacques Saves Two Dogs from a House Fire in Flobecq

2023-06-18 16:00:00 Julien Jacques will not forget this June 16 anytime soon! While he was quietly having a drink in the village square, the young man suddenly received a call from one of his friends. ********** ***** ** ************* *** ****** *** *** ** ** *** ***** * ** *** ********** ***** ** ** ******* … Read more