70% earn minimum wage

He job paid domestic pay salaries of hunger in Mexico and the women are the most affected, because 70% of them survive on one minimum wage a month, without benefits, revealed the Inegi. This means that 70 out of every 100 domestic workers They barely receive seven thousand 467.9 pesos a month, for sweep, trapper, … Read more

PiS is responsible for our results. The choice of dates worked to their advantage

She revealed that she learned from her son that his colleagues from outside Warsaw, registered in their hometowns, did not return there to vote. – This choice of dates meant that young people were unable to return home every week to their place of residence from the cities where they study or work – she … Read more

The sexologist pointed out the fundamental differences between male and female orgasms

Male sexuality develops spontaneously, hormones increase from puberty, the doctor noted. Different think tanks are responsible for this. Thus, in men, the part of the hypothalamus responsible for sexual desire is 2.5 times larger than in women, which explains the much greater influence of sex on the brain of men than on women. “Male orgasm … Read more

How Iranians celebrate the Persian New Year Nowruz in the Turkish party town of Van 2024-03-24 07:14:08

Ruby Club in Van: Party guests from Iran celebrate the New Year, DJ Iman in the foreground Image: Friederike Böge Thousands of Iranians celebrate the Persian New Year in the Turkish provincial town of Van. They drink, dance and do everything that is forbidden in their country. DJ Iman walks excitedly through his still empty … Read more

What is toxic femininity? Interview with Sophia Fritz 2024-03-15 10:20:55

“Taking responsibility”: Author Sophia Fritz in Cologne Bild:Marcus Simaitis Women can also behave toxically. In an interview, author Sophia Fritz explains what the female part of society could do for more equality. Ms. Fritz, your book “Toxic Femininity” will be published on March 18th. Do you sum it up correctly when you say: Women make … Read more

Oblak defends Atlético’s victory against Betis and prevents Simeone’s men from going into a tailspin | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle Oblak, who is not having his best season, prevented Atlético de Madrid from going into a tailspin. The whistles reappeared at the Metropolitano after a clean first half that gave the red and whites a two-goal advantage and a second in which Betis woke up and made Atlético suffer a lot until the end. … Read more

More men on parental leave: between desire and reality 2024-02-21 19:16:21

Z“It is money,” wrote Benjamin Franklin more than 250 years ago in his book “Advice for Young Merchants.” But not when it comes to your own children. Then time is worth more than anything else, after all you can’t get it back. So that parents can take time for their child after the birth, parental … Read more

El Laboral Kutxa: when women serve as an example for men | Cycling | Sports

The force of identity, the primitive force, gave birth to the Euskaltel-Euskadi from the illusion, the orange tide of the Pyrenees, in the Tour, in the Alps, in the Dauphiné, Haimar Zubeldia, Iban Mayo, Roberto Laiseka, Samuel Sánchez , or Mikel Landa. Aitor Galdós, new president of the Euskadi Foundation and manager of the team, … Read more