On the eastern border there are concrete blocks and bastions. And this is just the beginning

“The first road has also been dug, that is, work is already underway,” the minister emphasized in an interview. Applications for the introduction of border security measures have been announced. According to Sproods, 66 companies applied to participate in the competition, which is a significant number. The ministry is currently in the process of negotiations … Read more

Myanmar junta bans men from applying for jobs abroad

The junta, which is trying to suppress widespread armed opposition to its rule, announced in February that it would pass a law allowing all men to be conscripted into the army for at least two years. Following the announcement, thousands of men queued for visas at foreign embassies in Yangon, while others traveled to neighboring … Read more

Residents of Latvia told what they will do in the summer

Traveling abroad is more popular among young people, while older residents often prefer to spend the summer outside the city, at their summer cottage, or just at home. The majority of residents plan to spend from 400 to 1,500 euros on a summer vacation, the survey showed. Every third resident of Latvia is planning a … Read more

Poland is ready to help Ukraine return men of military age

The Polish Minister of Defense said in an interview with the PolSat TV channel that Warsaw has long offered Kyiv assistance in identifying among Ukrainian refugees and immigrants those who are subject to mobilization. The specific forms of this assistance, according to the minister, depend on the wishes of the Ukrainian side. “I think that … Read more

Ukrainians of military age will no longer receive documents abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine joined in the implementation of the new law on mobilization and ordered its consular offices to temporarily stop issuing any documents, except for a certificate for return, to male Ukrainian citizens of military age who are abroad. This was reported on Monday by the publication “Dzerkalo Tizhnya” (Mirror … Read more

Russia is tightening restrictions on officials traveling abroad

Russian authorities are tightening rules for foreign travel for government employees over fears that foreign powers could try to gain access to state secrets. This was reported by Reuters on Thursday, April 18, citing nine sources familiar with the situation. According to the agency’s interlocutors, the requirements vary in individual government agencies and are in … Read more

Russian Missile Attack on Kyiv After Putin Pledges Retaliation for Border Attacks – 2024-03-22 08:20:25

Russia launched its biggest missile attack on Kyiv after President Vladimir Putin vowed to retaliate against attacks in the border region (AFP) RUSSIA fired more than 30 missiles at Kyiv in the early hours of Thursday, the biggest attack on the Ukrainian capital in weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to avenge attacks and … Read more