Border guards decontaminated another plane of smugglers

The border guards of Druskininkai intercepted a drone that had flown in from Belarus and 200 packs of contraband cigarettes. The UAV was forcibly landed by VSAT officers using special equipment. From Tuesday to Wednesday, after midnight, the border guards of the Druskininkai checkpoint of the VSAT Varėna border team heard suspicious sounds in the … Read more

The lifeless body of Fatma, the mother of little Nail (5 years old) found dead in the Meuse in Lixhe, discovered on the other side of the Dutch border

A month ago and after an argument with her husband, Fatma Bayram had left the marital home, rue du Panorama, in Oupeye. She had taken her 5-year-old son, Nail, with her. Together, they had taken the direction of Robinson Island in Visé aboard his little Suzuki Alto. They had given no sign of life thereafter. … Read more

Moles and moles become bigger and discolored, be careful Huang Zhijian to analyze the risk of skin cancer |

local Written by: Xu YunPhotography: Hong Zhifu U.S. President Joe Biden was found to have basal skin cancer and underwent surgery to remove part of the tissue. The cancer cells have not spread and healed up. We all know that we should be careful when there are changes, but what kind of changes should we … Read more “If someone is happy to think that I feel bad, let them be happy”

At the end of February, Alla Borisovna, together with her husband, attended a solo concert by Laima Vaikule. The appearance of the artist provoked a rumor about a possible illness. Some have noticed that the 73-year-old Primadonna is hard to move and looks sick. They say that the real reason for the arrival of the … Read more