small hydropower plants are in no hurry to use 2 million euros

Last summer, researchers from the scientific and environmental institute BIOR identified the most significant obstacles on Latvian rivers. The researchers compiled a list of the top 70 barriers, including facilities that provide little or no benefit to society. At the same time, by eliminating them, fish migration could be of great benefit. A representative of … Read more

raising funding for airBaltic was critical

Investment banker and Prudentia partner Girts Rungainis said that the airBaltic bond rate is relatively high, but given the airline’s situation and the geopolitical situation, it should be considered profitable. Rungainis expected that the interest rate could be even higher. “The bond issue shows that investors are ready to invest and do not believe that … Read more

BRI Finance Launches BRI Flash to Help Meet Community Needs Post-Lebaran – 2024-05-02 00:50:39

BRImo Application (Google Play Doc) THE financing trend that soars during Eid is a momentum for PT BRI Multifinance Indonesia (BRI Finance) to provide fast and easy financial solutions for the community. This subsidiary of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI which operates in the financing sector launched the BRI Flash Program. “BRI … Read more

Want to Switch from Two Wheels to Four Wheels? Check out Seva’s 3 Tips for Buying a Car for the First Time – 2024-05-01 19:44:46

A number of visitors pass beside a row of used cars for sale at the WTC Mangga Dua Car Exchange, Jakarta, Friday (29/3/2024). (ANTARA/ERLANGGA BREGAS PRAKOSO) OWNING a car has become a necessity for society. However, buying a car can be a confusing experience for first-time buyers. Price factors, car features, financing and the appropriate … Read more

The amount that will be invested in road repairs this year has been announced

The most large-scale work will take place on regional highways with a length of 220 kilometers and republican local roads with a length of 159 kilometers. Work on the country’s main highways will affect 71 kilometers. The emphasis on national roads of local and regional importance can be explained by the funding structure – this … Read more

Latvian military assistance to Ukraine will amount to about 112 million euros

Latvian military assistance to Ukraine for three years will amount to 0.25% of GDP. In 2024, 0.25% of GDP will amount to about 112 million euros. Appropriate funding for these purposes will be allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Defense. Latvian military assistance to Ukraine this year and over the next two years … Read more

There is no money, but they will still launch a project worth 40 million euros in Riga

The Riga municipality will be looking for an expert and service provider for the verification of metrobus line construction projects in the field of procurement, reports LETA. On the website of the Procurement Supervision Authority, the Procurement Department of the Central Administration of the Riga Municipality has published a preliminary information notice about the planned … Read more

Riga will probably be left without a metrobus

In Riga, the metrobus project will probably not be implemented, and the funding planned for it will be used to implement the fourth stage of the South Bridge. The Mayor of Riga and the head of the Committee on Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Riga City Council, Vilnis Kirsis, today at the committee meeting … Read more