Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Operation Illegal 2023: Expulsions, Criminal Cases, and Migration Legislation Violations

2023-11-07 20:20:36 As part of the operational-preventive operation “Illegal 2023,” in the period from June 19 to 25 and from October 2 to October 8, about 15,000 decisions were made on the administrative expulsion or deportation of foreign citizens from Russia. About it reported official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk. … Read more

Reservoir storage level in India drops to 71% of capacity as over 60% of districts get no Oct rains

2023-11-02 15:19:23 The water level in India’s 150 major reservoirs dropped further this week to 71 per cent of the capacity as over 60 per cent of the districts from where data were received received deficient or no rainfall. According to the weekly bulletin on live storage issued by Central Water Commission (CWC), storage in … Read more

Average Weekly Travel Nurse Pay in October: State Rankings and Trends | Vivian Health Report

2023-11-02 16:49:21 The average weekly travel nurse pay in October in the U.S. was $2,422.52, a decrease of 0.33% from the previous month and a 9.58% decrease from the same month in 2022, according to a report from Vivian Healtha national healthcare hiring marketplace. Mississippi saw the sharpest month-over-month decrease, followed by Delaware, and South … Read more

These zodiac signs will get everything they wish for in November. Are you among them?

2023-11-01 08:55:01 As the month of November begins, some zodiac signs will have the opportunity to witness the transformation of their dreams into reality, with a generous dose of self-confidence. Nothing is out of reach for making wishes come true. Who are these zodiac signs? LibraAlthough it may seem surprising, deep down, you have a … Read more

Stay Safe and Injury-Free: A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing Exercise-Related Injuries

2023-10-27 23:41:13 Physical activity is necessary not only to strengthen muscle tone and improve physical appearance, but also helps prevent diseases that affect cardiac, functional and mental health. According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), “globally, 3 out of 4 adults have recommended levels of physical activity.” However, multiple people repeatedly suffer injuries … Read more

Maintain Good Liver Health: Tips and Information to Prevent Liver Diseases

2023-10-23 20:51:53 The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the importance of protecting the liver against disease, since “good liver health also benefits other vital organs, such as the heart, brain and kidneys, which depend on the liver to function.” . Likewise, the organization records that pathologies such as hepatitis “cause liver damage and cancer and … Read more

CGSP Education Work Stoppage: Teachers Protest Against Violence from Parents at Ecole du Center

2023-10-16 14:48:56 A work stoppage of Seresian teachers affiliated with the CGSP Education is planned for Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Teachers affiliated with the CGSP have decided to stop work from 8:30 a.m. to 9:19 a.m. to meet in front of the Ecole du Center in Jemeppe-sur -Meuse to protest against verbal and physical violence … Read more