Black hole-like quantum encryptors discovered

The scientists used a mathematical tool called out-of-time-order correlators, or OTOCs, which are considered a measure of quantum chaos. OTOCs were invented 55 years ago to calculate how electrons in superconductors are affected by disturbances caused by impurities. This influence is similar to the “butterfly flapping effect” that mathematician Edward Lorenz used to illustrate chaos … Read more

poisons and complaints –

Collapse of applications for enrollment at the prestigious American university of Harvard while the others of the Ivy League, the cream of US education, have increased. The reason, according to the New York Times, is easy to say: the anti-Israel and pro-Gaza protests that have characterized the last few months. It all started with a … Read more

Scientists use turmeric to determine the freshness of meat and fish

Russian scientists from Moscow State University named after N. E. Bauman (MSTU) have developed a touch sensor that contains turmeric. This device helps determine the freshness of meat and fish products and can warn about re-freezing. According to the publication, to control product quality, the sensor must be placed on the packaging. If the product … Read more In 500 years, all residents of Japan will have the same surname: shocking research

According to 2023 statistics, 1.529% of Japanese people have the surname Sato, which is considered the most common in the country. At the same time, the share of the Japanese population with this surname increased by 1.0083 times from 2022 to 2023. If this pace continues, then by 2531 there will be only one surname … Read more

Unknown mechanism of cell division revealed

Molecular biologists have identified a complex of proteins in cells that help control the pause or complete stop of DNA replication, ensuring the process runs smoothly. The process of DNA replication involves many protein complexes with highly specialized functions, including participation in the unwinding of the DNA double helix and the copying of both strands … Read more

A way to feel young revealed

Experts analyzed data from 429 people aged 18 to 70 years. Respondents reported how old they felt, how often they didn’t get enough sleep in the past month, and how sleepy they were. It turned out that every night of poor sleep made people feel 0.23 years older. The researchers also conducted an experiment with … Read more Human brain enlargement recorded

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have documented brain growth in humans throughout the 20th century. According to the results of scientific work, published in the journal JAMA Neurology, people born in the 1970s had 6.6 percent more brain volume and nearly 15 percent more brain surface area than those born in the 1930s. … Read more

An ancient star system near the Milky Way discovered

Astronomers from the University of Victoria (Canada) and Yale University (USA) have discovered an ancient star system that is a satellite of the Milky Way, called Ursa Major III/UNIONS1 (abbreviated as UMa3/U1). The discovery is reported in the article, published in The Astrophysical Journal. The observations were made using the Keck Observatory telescope, the Canada-France-Hawaii … Read more