Carol Feast 2023 UK: Jacobite Church Carol Singing Competition and Banquet

2023-12-06 14:26:42 London – Preparations for the carol singing competition ‘Carol Feast 2023’, jointly organized by the student movement of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Church UK and the MSOC UK media wing, are nearing completion. The 9th edition of the Carol Feast, which started in 2014, will be held on Saturday 09 December at St … Read more

Reducing Alcohol and Sugary Drink Deaths: WHO Recommends Higher Taxes

2023-12-06 13:42:12 Berlin – The World Health Organization has suggested higher taxes on alcohol and sugary drinks. The World Health Organization has announced that the new recommendation is to significantly reduce the number of people who die due to alcohol and unhealthy diet. Many European countries tax beer and spirits. But this does not apply … Read more

Inflation Threat and Global Economic Recession: OECD’s World Economic Outlook Report

2023-12-05 11:02:49 BERLIN – The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) unveiled its annual World Economic Outlook report in Paris, saying economic growth will remain weak due to inflation. Especially in Europe. Geopolitical differences, war, digitization and climate policy are all considered factors that are weakening the global economy. The conflict between Israel and … Read more

Britain conducts surveillance flights over the Eastern Mediterranean to aid in hostage rescue – Live updates

2023-12-05 10:46:06 Britain will conduct surveillance flights over the eastern Mediterranean, including using Israeli and Gaza airspace. The government in London confirmed the Ministry of Defense’s corresponding plans. The aircraft used will not be equipped with weapons. It is not a combat operation. The sole purpose is to determine the whereabouts of the hostages held … Read more

Munich Airport Resumes Operations After Snowstorm Shutdown

2023-12-04 14:50:04 Berlin – Flight services at Munich Airport, which was temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall in Germany, have resumed. Although the operation started, more than 500 scheduled services had to be cancelled. The cause of the crisis was the ice cover on the runway. Yesterday, the airport resumed operations at 6 am local … Read more

Interview with Stephen Anthony, Business Support and Middle Office Analyst

2023-12-04 09:20:07 Stephen Anthony You can read this article in English, by clicking here From Geneva to London The journey of Stephen Anthony in the private banking sector started at Barclays in Geneva in 1998. Initially it was a summer job dealing with printed confirmations, but he soon began organizing accounts and helping his colleagues, … Read more