Queen Elizabeth ‘was fed up’ of Kate Middleton breaking Marilyn Monroe-style protocol

Written in CELEBRITIES the 16/10/2022 · 12:25 hs There are many rules that members of the royal family must follow when it comes to fashion, including that skirt and dress hems must be below the knee. Nevertheless, Kate Middleton She has broken this rule many times, especially when her skirt has been lifted up in … Read more

Kate Middleton was given an insulting nickname by Prince William’s friends

Written in CELEBRITIES the 11/10/2022 · 22:38 hs insults towards Kate Middleton by the friends of prince William there were so many that they even nicknamed her in the rudest way. The class difference between the princess and the Prince of Wales was a much talked about topic among those closest to the future king. … Read more

Kate Middleton faced the insults of Prince William’s friends like a princess

Written in CELEBRITIES the 11/10/2022 · 20:42 hs Kate Middleton suffered strong insults from friends of the prince William due to class differences, however, she faced them like a princess. Although the love story of the princes of Wales is worthy of a Hollywood movie, the mother of three faced harsh criticism at the beginning … Read more

Kate Middleton prevented Meghan Markle from going to Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed at all costs

Written in CELEBRITIES the 7/10/2022 · 18:12 hs New reports claim that Kate Middleton was the one who deliberately prevented Meghan Markle off to the deathbed of Queen Elizabeth II. The Princess of Wales would have even sacrificed seeing the monarch in her last minutes of life as long as her sister-in-law did not attend. … Read more

Meghan Markle’s favorite accessory at important events that distinguishes her from Kate Middleton

Written in CELEBRITIES the 6/10/2022 · 21:36 hs the style of Meghan Markle It has become one of the most commented, admired and criticized in recent years, especially since she married Prince Harry, youngest son of Lady Di and King Carlos III. The Duchess of Sussex has also been compared to Kate Middleton, sister-in-law of … Read more

Don’t mess around, my uncle will be king

Jakarta – Prince George just said something to his friends. The 9-year-old boy spoke about his current status. As reported by the DailyMail, Prince George asked his friends not to mess around after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Although it sounds a little arrogant, the words of the son of Kate Middleton, … Read more