Tory MP William Wragg victim of sexting blackmail 2024-04-05 16:13:34

Dhe Conservative British MP William Wragg has apologized profusely to his parliamentary colleagues for leaking private information about some of them after he himself became the victim of intimate online blackmail. Wragg had been looking for homosexual contacts on an acquaintance platform and, as he reported to the Times newspaper, he had sent intimate photos … Read more

On this day, March 28, 1969, George Seferis criticizes the junta on BBC radio – 2024-03-31 06:59:28

Today is March 28 historical and important events happened for our country, but also for him People. So let’s go back to the page of Time’s calendar to see what happened like today… 845 The Vikings occupy Paris, led by Ragnar Lodbrok. To leave, the king of the Franks, Charles the Bald, gives them three … Read more

the BBC report –

Moscow’s “little hand” behind the misinformation about Kate Middleton. According to the BBC, what fueled the conspiracy machine made up of fake news and speculation that affected the Princess of Wales from the abdominal operation up to the video in which she announced that she had a tumor, passing through the case of the retouched … Read more

US authorities assume six deaths 2024-03-27 02:16:34

NAfter the collapse of a large car bridge in the US state of Maryland, authorities assume that six people are missing. The US Coast Guard announced on Tuesday evening (local time) that the active search for survivors would be discontinued. Given the water temperature, it is no longer expected that anyone will be found alive … Read more

RTVE will ask the BBC for explanations for the series ‘The Ministry of Time’ | Television

Two days ago, the British public broadcaster announced the launch of a new drama based on the first novel, still unpublished, by Kaliane Bradley. The title of both the novel and the series is The Ministry of Time. According to the information provided by the BBC on its official website, the plot focuses on a … Read more

China’s Mosque Merging Policy: Human Rights Watch Report

2023-11-23 08:11:19 The British National Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) today (23rd) quoted “China: Mosques Shuttered, Razed, Altered in Muslim Areas” released by the international non-governmental organization “Human Rights Watch” “Closed, Demolished, Renovated)” investigation report pointed out that the Chinese government adopted a “mosque merging” (monastery merging) policy in provinces where Muslims are concentrated, and some mosques … Read more

Top News Updates: First Lady of Ukraine, Defense Systems, BBC Classification, CDU Demands, and Russian Defector

2023-09-06 03:33:00 Day 561: The First Lady of Ukraine opens up about her family life. A Russian defector collects a hefty bounty for his desertion. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Ukraine – Defense systems repel air attack on Kiev 5.30 a.m.: According to the military administration in … Read more

What does the BBC anchor case reveal about the British media?

2023-07-19 22:54:08 Our readers are Telegram users You can now follow the latest news for free through the Telegram applicationClick here to subscribe It began with an allegation by a tabloid that an unnamed BBC presenter had paid an unidentified young man thousands of pounds to receive “scandalous pictures”. The police found no evidence of … Read more