United Kingdom, storm over the mega solar park in front of King Charles’ “refuge” –

Alessandra Zavatta 06 April 2024 A gigantic solar park will emerge in front of Highgrove, the country estate where King Charles loved to take refuge with Lady Diana when he was still Prince of Wales. And where Princes William and Harry grew up. The Lime Down Solar Park will span two thousand acres of countryside … Read more

the reaction – Time

King Charles is “extremely frustrated” that his recovery from cancer is taking “a little longer” than expected. To reveal the state of mind of the monarch of the United Kingdom is his nephew Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne. Carlo, 75, is “pushing” with his staff to allow him to return to more royal duties … Read more

The Palace is “on fire” and Meghan Markle is on vacation 2024-03-04 11:30:41

According to royal expert and author Tom Quinn, King Charles is focused on the question of succession to the royal throne of his son Prince William while his planning is being kept “secret” from his second son, Prince Harry as he does not trust him at all . This distrust naturally arose after Harry’s media … Read more

King Charles began plans for his succession 2024-03-02 09:48:00

The 75-year-old monarch, after being diagnosed with cancer, is said to have started making plans for the future of the monarchy. According to royal expert and author Tom Quinn, Charles’ failing health has prompted him to develop a concrete plan for when the time comes to hand over the reins to Prince William. “The succession … Read more

Prince Harry’s Residence Dilemma: Will He Stay at Kensington Palace?

2023-09-25 18:58:00 Must be King Charles III. (74) Let Prince Harry (39) stay overnight at Kensington Palace on his next visit to Great Britain? According to the royal family, the royal family has rejected such speculation. The rumors apparently relate to alleged discussions about the Duke of Sussex’s role as Councilor of State. Prince Harry … Read more

Prince Andrew’s Controversial Stand: A Critical Analysis of His Future in the Royal Family

2023-09-03 15:29:03 Clear stance against Prince Andrew: “A public role for Prince Andrew would not be justifiable” As “Daily Mail” now reported, the king is said to have spoken to his younger brother before making this decision and decided that Andrew will not work as an active royal, but is still welcomed back into the … Read more

Not Fadila .. Details are revealed for the first time about the upcoming meeting of King Charles and Harry

2023-09-03 10:17:08 The “Daily Mail” newspaper, in its issue issued today, Sunday, corresponding to the third of September, exploded a large-caliber surprise about the meeting of King Charles and Harry, which many media outlets call a “meeting of peace.” King Charles and Harry: There is a severe disagreement in the current period between King Charles … Read more