New Study Reveals Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods and Mouth & Throat Cancer: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-24 09:17:02 Al-Marsad newspaper: A new study revealed that eating a lot of ultra-processed foods can lead to mouth and throat cancer. According to the “Express” website. The British Heart Foundation lists four foods, usually eaten at breakfast, as ultra-processed: -Sausage. – Breakfast cereal. – Bread produced in large quantities. – Fruit flavored yogurt. The … Read more

The Discovery of a Prolonged Form of ARVI Revealed – Findings from Queen Mary University’s Study Published in Lancet

2023-10-15 11:50:34 British researchers representing Queen Mary University in London have discovered a more protracted and previously unknown form of ARVI. The results of the study were published in the Lancet journal. In total, scientists surveyed over 10,000 people, asking them to name at least 16 main symptoms they experience during a protracted form of … Read more

A famous British bank reveals the expected rate of decline of the Egyptian pound against the dollar

2023-10-10 01:07:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: British bank HSBC expects the Egyptian pound to decline by 25% against the US dollar. HSBC Bank believed that the price of the Egyptian pound would approach its price in the parallel market that prevailed for most of the last quarter of this year, i.e. approximately 38 to 39 pounds per … Read more

STEM Scholarship: Achievements of Riya Rahim at the University of Bath

2023-09-18 06:51:42 Sur: Ex-student of Sur Indian School, Oman, British Govt. Scholarship for higher studies. British Council for Higher Education at the University of Bath, UK Malappuram Vettichira Punnatta is CIL’s STEM Scholarship Riya Rahim, a native of La, deserves it. Studying MSc Data Science at the University of Bath Scholarship. Tuition Fee, Air Travel … Read more

British actor Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual assault

2023-09-16 19:48:00 British comedian Russell Brand has denied any criminal wrongdoing after the Sunday Times reported that four women accused him of sexual assault, including rape, over the seven years he was at the height of his fame. Brand (48 years old), the former husband of American singer Katy Perry, issued a statement denying “very … Read more

A Tale of Love and Resilience: Expat’s Journey in Bahrain

2023-09-12 04:39:42 Manama: He showed his respect and love for the country he has lived in for a long time. Pitch is a book by a former Bahraini expatriate Welsh teacher. Tina Hughes, a longtime teacher at Nadine School, is in her 64th year. Yassil published the book as a dream come true. The book … Read more