The Ministry of Inner Affairs reported the place Ukrainians work in Latvia. And the way a lot do they get

58% of males could also be topic to mobilization For the reason that starting of the warfare in February 2022, residents of Ukraine have obtained 64,633 paperwork permitting keep in Latvia, a few of them already for the second time. From January 1, 2023, such permission started to be issued for two years directly. The … Read more

Nanoparticles developed to destroy most cancers cells within the mind

Mind metastases most frequently come up from major tumors corresponding to breast, lung, and colon cancers and are sometimes related to a poor prognosis. When most cancers assaults the mind, remedy turns into problematic partially due to the blood-brain barrier, an almost impermeable membrane that separates the surroundings of the central nervous system from the … Read more

An affordable battery was created from volcanic ash

Specialists drew consideration to a fabric that’s current in nature in big portions. As a part of the research, scientists compressed the ashes into granules and cooled and heated them a thousand occasions to temperatures of 250 and 750 levels, respectively. Specialists have discovered that ash has wonderful thermal conductivity and warmth capability, and stays … Read more

A prototype of an inexpensive and environmentally pleasant battery has been created

The battery prototype is made out of zinc and lignin, two cost-effective and environmentally pleasant supplies. The created batteries are comparable in density to lead-acid batteries, however usually are not poisonous. The battery can also be secure, that’s, it’s designed for eight thousand cost cycles with a capability retention of greater than 80 %. “Though … Read more

Possible proof of the existence of glueballs announced

Glueballs are hypothetical interactions that occur between gluons, the carriers of the strong nuclear force. Gluons are thought to hold quarks together to form hadrons (such as protons and neutrons) and mesons (particles made up of a quark and an antiquark). It is also assumed that gluons can form particles without the participation of quarks … Read more

AI called a threat to intelligent life in the Universe

A superintelligent form of AI (ASI), which surpasses human intelligence and is capable of learning on its own, can play the role of a “great filter”, that is, be an insurmountable obstacle preventing the emergence of advanced civilizations endowed with the ability to explore large outer spaces. According to experts, the rapid development of artificial … Read more

Discovery of exotic black holes predicted

Scientists have predicted that the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be able to detect an exotic class of light black holes – hypothetical objects that have not yet been discovered. About it reported in a paper published in the journal Physical Review D. It is believed that primordial black holes were formed as a … Read more

The number of IP addresses exposed to attacks in Latvia increased by 10.5% in April

In Latvia in April this year, 253,367 unique IP addresses exposed to cyber threats were registered, which is 10.5% more than in April 2023, according to statistics of registered incidents in cyberspace published by the information technology security incident prevention agency “Cert.” lv”, writes LETA. Among them, unique IP address configuration breaches were the most … Read more